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April 22nd 2016




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The most beautiful Places in the Alps

We would like to say thank you to all the people that have contacted us during the last years via email and who have delivered so many additional input and informations about the country and people of the european Alps regions. This has led to the decision to completely rework the former section Country & People and rename it to “Unique Places”. We have started that work in September 2006. We will publish all our experiences over the course of the next years beginning with our first motorbike tours in 1998. Small canyons and valleys, hidden lakes, away from the main routes and classic touristic attractions. Just pass by frequently and check for updates. Some sections still may be empty or only show one entry. It’s a lot to work down the pile of information on our desk.

Malojapass with view into Engadina

The European Alps, from the Karawanken mountains in Slovenia, down to the French Adria, multicolored and different. Not only the landscape changes permanently its appearance, also the variety of the population with their cultural differences, dialects and life styles varies as you travel. It’s rare on this planet that a motorcycle traveler may find so many different cultures packed into such a small geographical area, which cannot be seen by just traveling through.

Which is always worthwhile a journey, is an excursion into small side valleys. The traveler who just follows the classic tourist routes to Matterhorn, Top of Europe or St. Moritzat, or who just absorbs the curves of the well known classical alpine passes, will never see the true beauty of the Alps, or be able to absorb the power of this nature.

We have seen too many motorbike travelers on our tours, who were proud on the total amount of alpine pass summits they have made per day. Unfortunately these guys in many times can’t even remember the names of the passes they have passed. In this roundabout of thousand curves, a dream landscape passed by, which they missed.

But if you one day have started to explore the small side valleys and you have started diving into the history of the Alps, beginning with Caesar, passing Napoleon and all these big emperors, your eyes will open and you will see things out of that centuries that are still there and you didn’t notice before, and you will understand how thrilling the Alps are.

Passo di Spluga

Since many years we mainly travel through the Swiss Alps and parts of the Dolomite mountains, by using a fixed hotel or hostel as base station for accommodations, which are located away from the classical tourist routes.

Not only that the price is much better, but the direct contact to the local people is more intensive, since all these hotels or hostels are run since generations by one family that have a different understanding of guests than a big tourist hotel. And the kitchen, the local cuisine. This and the good vines are the main motivators to always choose these locations that are for us like a magnet.

On the following pages we have tried to give a small overview and to give some recommendations. Especially for beginners in the Alps region its important not to end up in a standard tourist location or so called motorbike touring hotels and then return disappointed with a total wrong picture of that region. This section will grow over time and we will disclose many of our unique places in the European Alps. Just be patient and pass by frequently. And yes, we still use the same hostels we recommend and book at least 6 months in advance.

Type explanation:
=hospitality, VT=village/town, LMV=landscape/mountain/valley, LD=lake/dam, MI=miscelaneous








Silvretta storage lake

N 46°55´5” E 010°5´42”

Silvretta storage lake


Storage lake to be reached via a toll road middle in the Silvrettta glaciers.


Hotel Berghang

N46°28'52" E011°27'35"

Hotel Berghang


Dolomite hostel with all the service you can dream of for a fantastic price, 3,000ft. above Bolzano.



N46°29’02” E010°47’26”

Ultental - Val d’Ultimo


ery quiet and beautiful small valley with three lakes and on 6,600ft. altitude the best guesthouse with the best Tyrolean hand made knoedels served by the famous Knoedl Moidl.


Berggasthaus Beverin

N46°40'39" E009°20'47"

Berggasthaus Beverin


Hostel at 6,200ft. with excellent hospitally and Swiss originals, central located in Grison county near Davos and Sankt Moritz.


Valley of Livigno

N46°31'57" E010°07'56"

Valley of Livigno


Tax free area between Switzerland and Italy. Low price shopping, low cost gas stations and lots of bargains.


Zerveila storage lake

N46°34‘37” E009°07‘12”

Valser valley and Zerveila lake with dam


Wild, rough canyon far away from any tourist route with Valser thermal bath house and a huge dam with storage lake in front of a beautiful mountain landscape.


schweizer Bergbahnen


Swiss cable cars and mountain train tracks.


A special selection of Swiss cable cars, mountain railroad tracks and connections.

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