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February 12th 2013






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Petit Saint Bernard near the hospiceSnow again above the timber line. The sun burns, the Southwind blows like a hair dryer and is blowing us almost from our motorcycles, but an interesting fact is, that it is warmer here than over there at the top of the Grand Saint Bernard pass. We pass the first house ruins on our way up continue following the road up the pass and across the border to France.

The pass was just yet cleaned from snow yesterday and we are surrounded by about four meters high walls of snow. So Corinne, our host from the hotel Rarnerhof is a reliable source for information and we will this year really complete our round trip around the Mont Blanc.

This time of year everything of course is still closed up here and secured with wooden panels for the winter with these snow depth up here. So we only plan a short break with that steel blue sky and crystal clear air to take the mandatory panorama picture. The range of motion is of course very limited and restricted by the snow walls that have been left from the snow blower. Therefore we decide after a real quick break to continue our journey downhill the pass road.


The Roselend pass – a view across fantastic peaks

We only take a real quick break down here in Bourg Saint Maurice. A quick drink of mineral water and we take a right turn directly at the Mc Donalds restaurant in the roundabout at the village entrance towards Roselend pass. This pass road shows here in the first section a very friendly layout and runs uphill quite narrow and inconspicuous in gentle curves and a couple of hairpin bends through relatively dense deciduous forest on to a plateau. But then the surprise.

From the Alps de Crêt Bettex (N45 ° 40'19 "E006 ° 45'27") on we are welcomed by a beautiful and wide alpine landscape. Dreamlike views of glaciated peaks and vast valleys. We are caught from this nature and follow the great road which continues, not wide but with a great surface and good clear curves up to the pass Numerous waterfalls and creeks accompany our journey until we reach the pass on a plateau. What a gigantic view (see panoramic photo) across the pass. Surrounded by fantastic peaks.

Cormet de RoselentWell, again I had to shoot the well known panoramic photo. So, tripod extracted from the transport container, site search for the best view, hill climb – why is everybody staring at me like that? – Tripod installed and extended, photos taken, shouldered the whole thing and climb back down. Ah, the first people show up and start asking questions. Where are you from? - Aha, you rode across the Skt Bernhard. How is the weather like in the Aosta Valley? Ah, well Southwinds - super. We pack all pieces back on the bike and follow the pass road over to the Lac du Roselend.

Until then, we cross a small side valley, pass a huge rocky cliff and after a left curve around a rock – here it is, the Lac du Roselend. Deep blue and wide, partly surrounded by woods. We circle the lake counter-clockwise and follow the description Col du Pré. This brings us after a left branch over the dam on a very narrow road up to the Col du Pré.

Ok, honestly. You don’t need to ride the Col du Pré unless you have a small dirt bike, possibly below 150kg of weight. I think with that equipment this pass road can create a lot of fun. But we, with our fat Honda Varadero, well – no further comment. With infinitely small curves, on a road as wide as a car, we are struggling through pastures up and down to the village down in the valley named Beaufort sur Doron.


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