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February 12th 2013






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Seven meters snow and gusty winds with snow drifts

Northern side of Grand Saint BernardWell, the title of this section sounds a little bit exciting but in reality, itís easy when you take a little bit precautions. We dive into the endless chain of avalanche shelters and follow along the storage lake where we soon arrive at the intersection to the pass road. Straight the road continues to the toll station into the tunnel and if you take a right you leave the avalanche shelter to the pass road.

We exit the shelter and bright sunshine with a laughing sky says hello again. The road is dry and a little bit up the road the snow sometimes is piled up to seven meters left and right side of the road. Quickly the temperature drops below zero degrees, which we particularly feel quickly in the shade. But remember - we had been so smart and had put on our rain suits.

We quickly swing up the many curves and bends through the beautiful countryside in a small valley and follow the road running up to the pass, where we are welcomed by a very gusty, freezing wind. Up here the air exchange between the Aosta Valley to the Valais happens during the day nearly every season and it blows up here pretty heavy. Just before we reach the hospice, we turn very carefully left into the parking lot which is still covered with snow and ice and break with lots of care. Kickstand out and here we are.

Ruuuuums, a GS rider with his fellow rider kisses the ground. Fortunately, only a few scratches. Swirrrl, bang, and a bandit rider follows him on the spot. Also, only scratches. So, both feet down on the ground and with lots of feeling we moved the Honda Varadero from that ice shield over to the other side of the hospice. Here the wind was not so gusty, the road completely ice free and dry. In addition we had the pleasure on this side of a much nicer view across the snowy lake over to the Italian border station.

At the summit with view to the Italian borderSo I heave my tripod out of the transport container and shoot the panorama picture. You know these pictures probably, since you can find them in every pass description in our Alpine regional section as a moving panoramic view of the pass. But you surely understand, that I have shot the pictures after the guys had picked up their bikes and brought them back to the vertical.

Nevertheless, the Grand Saint Bernard management is always trying to open the pass road at Pentecost since this is the start of the season for tourism. This information has been spread amongst the bikers and therefore they meet up here, near the border triangle of France and Italy, at Pentecost. You will see motorcycle enthusiasts from all countries.

Photos shot, souvenirs bunkered and on it goes over the border crossing down to Italy in the Aosta Valley. At this early season, at Pentecost - the pass had opened just since two days, the St. Bernard dogs are bred up here in the monastery, but off season they are still down in the valley. Therefore it was quiet here at the pass summit. No dogs barking could be heard. We get on our bikes, start off very carefully and continue our journey. Although the road was dry in the sun, the gusty had blown several small snow drifts on the road. So, we had to take care.


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