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February 12th 2013






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Tour to Col d'IseranCol d’Iseran and Val d’Isere a day in front of Tour de France

July 2007. Finally one week without rain when we decide to ride the Col d’Iseran. Since this day we always failed based on weather conditions and a closed pass road, but now, one day in front of the famous Tour de France, we believe it should be possible to make it.
Across the Col de la Forclaz and through the Mont Blanc tunnel we are heading from Martigny across the Petite Saint Bernard pass and dive into the preperations around the Tour de France. Riding then back through the Aosta valley and across the Grand Saint Bernard pass to Martigny and our cosy little hotel Rarnerhof. This trip we used the first time the Magellan Crossover 2250T navigation system with high res topo maps of Haute Savoye....
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Col du Grand Saint BernardThe trip in Haute Savoy, or circle around Mont Blanc

June 2006. Pentecost vacation and rock slide at Saint Gotthard pass. The high pressure center west of the Balearic Islands was not yet successful to supply all of Central Europe with sunshine, however the sun shine southern of the Alpine main mountain chain was able to already supply the country with comfortable 24° C in Valais county and 26° C in the Aosta valley.

Reasons enough to start a trip around the Mont Blanc. During this trip we have met Corinne, landlady of the famous hostel Rarnerhof. Enjoy the report.



Above the village St. AntönienThe challenge riding with Willi, host of guesthouse Beverin

Willi, the landlord of the mountain guesthouse Berggasthaus Beverin sometimes leaves his residence at 1,884m/6,181ft altitude above sea-level to show his guests the most beautiful places in Switzerland. On this trip however, we have seen some small surprises.

The motorbike tour leads us to the village Saint Antoenien, across the Fluela pass, Maloja pass into the Grotta cave of Ghiggi and then down to the Italian town Chiavenna and the Spluegen pass back to is the report!



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