February 12th 2013



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Dear Alpine motorbike traveler,


the planning phase of a motorbike tour in the European Alps region is one of the most beautiful parts of a motorbike trip. You walk through photos on our website, lookup the details in a map and drive the route already in your mind. To be succesful in that task, you require at first the correct map in the correct scale or as a better solution, the correct mapping software. This software supplies information which a map cannot supply, travel time and exact distances. In order to give you a little planning support for your next trips in the alpine regions, we have put together some motorbike tours which we ourselves have already driven serveral times.




Roadbooks & Touring maps

We plan our motorbike trips with a German software package supplied by MAP&GUIDE (can be ordered online through that weblink). The “MOTORRAD Tourenplaner” (MOTORRAD touring planner) does include hundreds of ready to go tours and is tayloured especially for the motorbike rider in the European Alps. Lots of additional information and links like, points of interests for motorbikers, motorbike dealers, meeting points, motorbike hotels etc. make that package an absolute must for everybody who wants to ride the European Alps.

The published motorbike touring tips on this website do have approval from MAP&GUIDE GmbH for publishing and can be viewed with the help of Adobe Acrobat Reader. You just require Acrobat Reader, which you can download from Adobe free of charge.


This symbol downloads the roadbook as .pdf file and contains route details like travel time between waypoints and distances.

Tour map

This symbol downloads a set of tour maps as .pdf file along the route you drive. - TOP Alpen-Sites


We are member of the Alpentops 20 , a platform of websites that cover travel in the Alps regions and supply significant additional information for trips in the European Alps. Owner of the site is Stephan Fennel from the agency DP Destination Publishing KG - the well known Alpentourer Magazin - which we highly recommend. The website has a translation engine for multiple languages and provides up to date information for travel in the European Alps.




Panorama Pictures produced with PanoramaStudio2

The Grotta of Ghiggi

One of the most beautiful rewards are the visited beautiful places on such a motorbike trip. In order to give you a small impression from locations worth to visit, we have collected some of the most beautiful places during our motorbike tours and captured them in a panorama picture. This panorama picture can be downloaded as an .exe file and was made with the help of Pixaround. You don’t need a special program to view the self rotating panorama picture on your PC. You just run the .exe file and the panorama picture starts automatically.

When you click on the picture, it stops rotating. Moving the mouse left or right by having the left mouse button pressed, the picture starts rotating into that direction. That’s how you move in the picture. To zoom in or out the picture, hold the right mouse button pressed and move the mouse up or down. Publsihing of those picture on our private website is approved under a Pixaround licence. You may now practice with the panorama picture below. The picture shows the Grotta of Ghiggi between the Maloja pass and Chiavenna. A great place to buy Italian specialities like aceto balsamico, red wine, olive oil, mountain cheese...........

Here now the best tour options for the European Alps





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