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March 18th 2013




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GPS navigation system
installation at your Motorbike



To install a navigation system on the motorbike, you need to have a suitable holder or mount that now is available in many variations on the market.

 But much more important than the support mount is the thought about
then you choose the mount.


RAM Mount elementsThe RAM mount system is one of the mounting systems, which is very common. It looks menacing, also needs a bit of space, but has the advantage that it is universally adjustable. The system is based on spheres, according to a principle similar to the trailer hitch of a car. As substrate is either a plate for screwing, or a clamp, which carries the lower sphere.

The holder for the navigation system is supported by the upper ball. Both balls are then clamped with a clamping bracket consisting of two shells. With that almost any desired position of the device can be realized. The picture here only shows a small selection of the different systems and ball clamps.

In addtition and in the meanwhile spread a bit in the market is the installation system from Touratech. These are not low price, but very well enginered and the optimal solution if you plan to ride more often offroad or gravel roads. With great attention to detail, these fixtures are enginered from precious materials and equipped with much more extras, such as a lock system.

mount clamps for GPS systemsThe solution which we have found after all these years as the best in price and quality are the mounting systems from Gunnar, the maker of Made of special plastic and subdued with rubber holder, these mounts join us now on many tours and have proven themselves in the classic road as well as offroad to be excellent reliable. offers these mounts in all imaginable types and diameters. For our Magellan Crossover GPS, we have chosen the clip shown here on the picture with 4 dampers, which offers Gunnar specifically for the adapter plate of the Crossover GPS. The adapter plate for the Magellan Crossover GPS comes with the navigation system and must be mounted only with the 4 screws. But as said, this is just an example. You just need to give Gunar an E-Mail and ask for your solution.


The choice of installation location is even more important than the selection of the restraint system, and we should consider the following  points when planning an installtion location on the motorbike:

  • Is the navigation system in the field of vision, without the head to be turned too much and can it be seen by a little movement of the eyes?
  • Allows the installation an unobstructed view of the traffic?
  • Are important instruments covered by the navigation system? Can I still read these?
  • Can I reach and operate the navigation system while driving without any problems with my hand?

Three installation locations have been found in practice to be the most common ones. On the handlebar, centrally or laterally to the handlebar crossbar and on an instrument carrier, which is subsequently attached to the instrument panel. Handlebar cross-ties are available from Touratech for all current travel bikes.

For the installation of the navigation system on the tubing, there is the possibility to do so on a so-called handlebar crossbar. Available for many different motorcycles from Touratech. On the tubing for central installations, usually Bikertech or Touratech systems are used. The RAM mounts and Touratech are laterally tubing installed systems, that can be found left or right hand side on the handle bar, while on the cross Struts of the handlebar and the instrument straps mounts other systems are preffered due to space required for the whole installation.

The following pictures show the installation on a Honda Varadero and a Transalp. While at the Honda Varadero the Magellan Crossover GPS sits on the instrument panel of the cockpit with a bracket, we have chosen an installation on a handlebar crossbar from Touratech with a at the Transalp bracket. Mounting on an instrument panel on the Transalp was not possible, because behind the Touratech mount there was no sufficient space available.


Honda Varadero and Bikertech mount
on a Honda Varadero
on an instrument panel joint
installed above the cockpit

Magellan Crossover GPS at Honda Varadero
Magellan Crossover GPS
at BIKERTECH mount



Honda Transalp and Bikertech mount
on a Honda Transalp
at cross bar from TOURATECH

Magellan Crossover GPS at Honda Transalp
Magellan Crossover GPS
at BIKERTECH mount


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