Webcam - Grisons - Switzerland

Glaspass - Tschappina
View from the Berggasthaus (East side) over the crest of the Glas pass, over towards Davos. Down in the valley ist he village Thusis,
Right hand side (not on the picture) the Piz Beverin mountain. Best place for mountain hiking and mountain bike tours.
Central location for long lasting motorbike tours in the Alpine regions.

We use a Sony camera with a 1/3" chip and automatic white control.
With very bright light, especially in winter time, this gain control sometimes reaches ist limit. This is not a quality issue.
When switching from day- to night mode the camera switches to the black/white mode. Then the picture could look a bit out of focus.
To zoom the little pictures just click on it (does require Javascript enabled)

Webcam location Switzerland
Berggasthaus Beverin
Glaspass - Tschappina, Grisons
GPS N46°40'39" E009°20'47"