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February 12th 2013




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Weather & Webcam Links to all Regions in the Alps

Dear motorbike traveler,



these pages provide the most up-to-date weather information about the most important and most visited regions in the European Alps. The weather information is always updated in the moment when you call up this internet page and remote loaded from the weather service. In addition we have installed weather webcam links to the most visited locations in the Alps like the Stilfser Joch, Grison county, South Tyrol and the Dolomiti mountains and motorbike hotels which we recommend. All regions shown give an in depth view of the weather conditions in the Alps. Depending on your travel route, we recommend the link buttons we provide on the left hand navigation bar for more detailed information.

Austria, Bregenzerwald and Lech Valley

Webcam Gasthof Alpenrose

The little place named Kaltenbrunnen is located above the village Egg on the southern side of the Bregenzer forest valley at the rout from Bregenz up to the Hochtannberg pass and at the junction to the Riedbergpass and the well known Bodele route. The Guesthouse Alpenrose is at the end of a small mountain path at about 3.000ft. The panoramic view up here is outstanding and ranges across the Lech Valley Alps and towards the Zugspitz mountain massif with Garmisch which can be seen on some clear days on the horizon. The Bregenzerwald has generally its own weather and it can happen that at the one end of the valley it rains while at the other end hail is smashing down on the road. Therefore it is recommended to check the weather in all directions when starting a motorbike tour.




East - Switzerland, Engadine and Grison County

Webcam Berggasthaus Beverin

Thusis, a small town located at the North-South transit tangent between Lake of Constance and Ticino county across the San Bernardino alpine pass to the italian mountain lakes. You may exit here to the left into the Albula canyon and Julier pass, as well travel to Davos and the Fluela pass. The weather information supplied from the Berggasthaus Beverin webcam supplies sufficient information for that region. Since 2005 the website of Berggasthaus Beverin provides an online weather station, that supplies real weather data on an hourly base to the internet. Nevertheless, East Switzerland and the Engadine valley are two different weather regions. It may rain on the webcam but have full sunshine over in Sankt Moritz. We therefore recommend for information the Swiss weather service Meteoswiss.



South Tyrol, Dolomiti Mountains, Bolzano

Webcam Pension Berghang

Bolzano is the capital of South Tyrol, but not the center of the Dolomiti mountains. The webcam from Hotel Berghang is located in Steinegg at approx. 3,500ft above sealevel and shows the view down into the river Eisack valley and Bolzano.

If you see low hanging clouds on that webcam, then you my bet that there is lots of rain around the Sella ronda main alpine passes.

The small village Steinegg (ital. Collepietra is located a little bit aside the main tourist streams without loosing quick access to the best know Dolomite Alps passes around. Good thing as well - Steinegg is at an altitude of approx. 3.000ft and therefore above the summer heat.



Ortler, Stilfser Joch and Vinschgau Valley

Webcam Valteline and Stilfser Joch

The Stilfser Joch pass from Bormio over to the Vinschgau valley. It is very difficult to make a clear forecast here, since this region is a crazy weather location. Just a stable high pressure zone over East Switzerland ensures a ride under the sun. It may rain in the Valtelina valley, but have hot sunshine over in the Vinschgau valley, whereby you end up in snowfall on the Stilfser Joch and this in the middle of August. So check the weather forecasts, webcams and have a credit card from your automobile club in the poket that covers the service from TCS, the Swiss automobile club. In case of snow, they may bring you back down.


Veneto,  Central Dolomite Mountains

Webcams Central Dolomiti Mountains

The Passo di Rolle alpine pass is the most southern edge of the Central Dolomiti mountains. It is located behind the weather barrier of the Rosengarten (Rose Garden Mountain) and the Schlern mountain and South of the Fass valley and the Passo di San Pelegrino. Nevertheless, the weather in the Dolomiti mountains can be cut into three regions sometime. Heavy rain in Cortina d’Ampezzo, clouds on Falzarego pass, and one mile down the road towards Passo Valparola pass you my find the most beautiful sunshine over the Sella mountains. We therefore recommend to use the webcams supplied through the link on the right picture. Then choose San Martino di Castrozza - Passo Rolle to view the webcams.


West Switzerland and Matterhorn State - Valais County

Webcam Martigny - Valais county

The Matterhorn mountain state - Valais county consist of the Valais and the Goms. In Valais county most people speak French as native tongue. The webcam supplied here is located in Martigny, the most south-western part of the Valais county and supplies information about several important alpine passes in that region like the Grand Saint Bernard, Col de Forclaz and the Col de la Croix in Kanton Vaud county.


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