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March 1st 2013





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Picture collection of Loetschberg
Railway Alp Transit


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Alp Transit Car train on the north side in Kandersteg. We look south on to the main Alps ridge. Behind these majestic mountains is the canton of Valais. The ramp in Kandersteg is wide and offers several trains parallel entry and loading.

N 46°29´38”  E 007°40´13”




on the railway wagon in Kandersteg

We ride on the car wagons to the end of the train. There is then the entrance to the cargo wagon for the motorbikes, which requires some skill to enter. Motorbikes, sized as a Honda Goldwing should check in advance whether they fit, since otherwise they should just stay on the car deck and make the passage there. It is then not recommended to remove the helmet.

N 46°29´38”  E 007°40´13”




Loetschberg railway Alp Transit

From the flat car wagon you then have to juggle here through the back door into the cargo wagon for motorbikes. This is not a problem and can be managed with some skill and if you get in trouble, another passenger can actively support you.

N 46°29´38”  E 007°40´13”




in the bike wagon

Its a bit tight in the cargo wagon. While the train is moving, you should be in the 1st gear and always be sitting on you bike by pressing the brakes. Just park your bike on the side stand or center stand.

N 46°29´38”  E 007°40´13”




exit in Goppenstein

Exit in Goppenstein from the cargo wagon is at the side.

N 46°21´46”  E 007°45´27”


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