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March 1st 2013





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Picture Collection Grimselpass


Grimselpass Panorama view south side

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Grimselpass Pass summit Gasthof Alpenrösli

Top of Grimsel pass. We are here on the north side, with our back towards the Totensee (dead lake) in front of Gasthof (hostel) Alpenroesli, which we also highly recommend for to stay overnightin in case. On the left the road leads down to the Grimsel storage lake and to Innertkirchen, to the right you can ride down to the Valais county and to the small village Gletsch with its train station of the Furka steam railway.

N46°33’42.9” E008°20’18.1”




Grimselpass Totensee (dead lake)

Same position as above, but turned clockwise by around 180°. We look across the Totensee south towards the canton Valais (Wallis). At the end of the lake you can see the pass summit. To our right, to direction of Upper Bernaise county and the Grimsel reservoir lake, you’ll find a traffic light controled access to the Oberaar storage lake through a small one way old service road. The traffic light goes green every 30min to enable the ride uphill. A detour that’s more than just worthwhile.

N46°33’42.9” E008°20’18.1”




view towards Grimselpass summit

This panoramic image from the Grimsel Pass you can only enjoy when you ride up the small service road, the Oberaar storage lake scenic road. We look to the Grimsel Pass  with the Totensee. The traffic light changes every 30min. A detour into that glorious landscape is thrilling. We are looking to the southeast. Down in the rear valley cut that’s the Valais with the small village Gletsch. Down in Gletsch you take a left to the Furka Pass and Rhone Glacier.

N46°33’46.6” E008°19’48.4”




view to Grimsel storage lake

The Grimsel reservoir seen from the Oberaarstausee scenic road. We look to the hospice and the dam. To our right, not seen in the picture, the small service road passes over to the Grimsel pass summit. To the left this road leads on to the reservoir of the Oberaar Glacier and a little inn directly at the lake. There is no problem to stop for a while on that road and taking pictures, even its a one way traffic light controlled road. You’ll the be able watching the roar of the many marmots up here.

N46°33’53.5” E008°18’58.9”




view to Oberaar storage lake

We have almost reached the end of the little service road that can be still seen in the left of the picture. In front of us you see the Oberaar glacier storage lake associated  with the dam. We look approximately southwest to the Main Alps Ridge. The Grimsel reservoir is located to our right. A short distance around the next curve is a small hospice with a very good home cooking and Grisons specialities at absolutely reasonable prices. Therefore its worthwhile coming up here for lunch.

N46°33’8.0” E008°16’48.7”




view to Oberaar storage lake

Here is a small swing back to our little biker group that has traveled this route in July 2007. Of course you have here in the high alpine region to fight with the rigors of the weather and it can always happen that on the front of the Grimselpass is still vain sunshine while back here already the next weather front shows up. But is worth giving it a try.

N46°33’8.0” E008°16’48.7”




marmot at  Grimselpass

You also should not miss these little friends. Easy to see them in front of the hotel Grimselblick. It only takes a lunch on the terrace and you can see the little guys live right across the street in their enclosure. Or back on the road to Oberaar storage lake in the wilderness as original. This will take a little bit more time and some patience will be required as well.

N46°33’41.9” E008°20’48.6”


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