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June - October


Innertkirchen - Gletsch

33 km

N 46°33´43”    E 008°20´41”



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Grimselpass Panorama view

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There might be people who compare the Grimsel Pass with a lunar landscape. If you are slowly riding up from Innertkirchen, curve by curve upward in front of the huge dams, for sure you certainly come with this impression. However, the view should preferably fall on the moss-covered granite rocks (see pictures) that are typical for the Grimsel. The pass road itself is usually in first class condition, since maintained by the Upper Bernaise canton road guards. Smooth, perfectly except inside of the two tunnels. The serpentine in the upper third part of the pass road can be ridden smoothly.

It’s best to ride along the Grimsel Pass from the north, coming up from Innertkirchen. The whole in the combination of the famous Furka  Pass - Susten Pass - Grimsel Pass round trip, also known as the so-called "tourist roundabout ". If you want to ride that, you should then plan to ride it counterclockwise. It’s the best time in the evening and on the pass summit you’ll find three super low-cost, high-quality, yet rustic accommodations. Watch the sunset at the Grimsel and the next morning to see the sun again slowly creeping up over the mountain tops. This you can enjoy up here without buying ticket - free of charge. After dinner, if you would like to do so, you can do another quick ride down the Grimsel on the north side and up again. A real pleasure, because then the road is usually completely empty.

The South side opens an impressive views into the Valley of the Rhone river to Gletsch, whereby the Rhone here is still called Rotten. The serpentines run smoothly winding down to Gletsch, where to the right side the upper part of the canton Valais, also named Goms spreads out with narrow canyon. To the left, the Furka road continues up to the Furka pass and the Rhongletscher. If you are a fan of motorbike meetings and prefer crowds, you should come on the Grimsel Pass only on weekends. Then everybody meets up here who has a motorbike, since the Grimsel Pass is good to ride thanks to its stage of development. During the week it is quiet up here. Only in the evening you might hear the dull Broo...pp of a Ducati, which is running up the hill from Innertkirchen. Real fun, since you can overlook the whole pass road down from the dam if you sit behind the hotel Alpenroesli.

Also worth mentioning is a service road at the level of the hotel Alpenroesli just before the pass. It leads to Oberaar storage lake and opens a wonderful view to the glaciers. This road is controlled by a traffic light that releases every half hour alternating the direction of travel. You should stay on the Grimsel, this trip is worthwhile, especially in the evenings. This time allows a unique experience of the mountains with the setting sun in the eternal ice and snow.

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