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March 1st 2013





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Picture Collection Furkapass


Furkapass east side Panorama

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Furkapass west side Panorama

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view to Furka pass with  Rhone glacier

Direct view of the Grimsel pass road over to the Rhone Glacier at the rear end of the valley. DOwn in the valley you see the young river Rhone, which is named up here in this section “Rotten”. Just to the right of the glacier you can spot the Hotel Belvedere. The  V-shaped valley, on top right of the image, marks the Furka pass road and its summit. Bottom right, outside of the picture, is the small town Gletsch located. You are able to see the Furkapass pass road on the right side of the valley the Furkastrasse and slightly below the road, the Furka steam railway line.

N46°33’50” E008°21’30”




view down to Gletsch

This image photographes virtually the photographer of the previous picture. The picture was shot directly opposite the previous location, a bit above the Hotel Belvedere. You can see the beautiful Rotten (young Rhone river), which has its origin in the Rhone Glacier. Right in the back of the picture, on its right side,  reveals the Grimsel Pass road. Left on a slope, the Furka Pass road runs down to Gletsch. At the bottom at the end of the valley the Rhone turns left down into the Valais county, which is called here “Obergoms”. On this trail you will reach the entry point towards the Nufenen pass.

N46°34’32.8” E008°23’24.7”




Furka pass view over towards Grimsel pass

Furka Pass, pass summit. We are standing here at the end of the gravel parking lot and are looking over to the lower Grimselpass with Totensee (dead lake) which is nice to see in the center of the image. Right on the right side of the picture, the Furka pass road leads down 1/2ml and then passes in a u-turn the Hotel Belvedere. Left beside me (outside the image) is the landmark between the canton of Valais, in the direction we are looking right now and the canton of Uri (behind us). On the right hand side, the road leads to pass on down to Realp and Andermatt.

N46°34’18.2” E008°24’37.5”




view to Hotel Belvedère

We are here just a few hundred feet below the pass summit on the West side of  the Furkapass, just looking at the hotel Belvedere with the underlying Rhone glacier. Left of us, the view's reaching down to the Rhone Valley and extends down to the village Gletsch. The pass road runs down to the hotel in a left bend and then further down along the slope to Gletsch. Behind us the road leads up the pass summit and into the canton of URI, Andermatt and Realp. Realp is the roll-on, roll-off station for car transit by train through the Furka mountain.

N46°34’32.3” E008°23’25.5”




Hotel Belvedère Furka pass

Hotel Belvedere on the Furka pass. We are in the parking lot outside the entrance to the glacier and look towards the South. We are right in front of the hotel, which is located in a bend of the pass road. Right of us is the valley, where below the village of Gletsch is located. Left high up the pass road runs up to the Furka pass summit. You can visit the glacier through out the whole year through a small ice tunnel and see the glacier inside. So if you feel hot in summer, take a glacier tour.

N46°34’38” E008°23’15.8”




view to Rhône Glacier

Here we are on the west side of the Furka Pass, only two serpentines before we reach the village Gletsch and look back towards the Rhone Galcierer and the Hotel  Belvedere. YOu can see good the pass road that winds up like a snake. On the left side of the picture the Rhone (Rotten) leaves the valley.

N46°33’41.1” E008°21’49.9”




Furka steam train in Gletsch

The last serpentine before we reach the village Gletsch. This is the home of the Furka steam train, which in summer regularly drives across the pass over to Realp. The track has been restored from a privately founded company. A real thrill is when the locomotive crosses the top of the street and then activates the gear mesh. From then on, it drives as a gear train to continue slowly climbing the steep rise.

N46°33’41.2” E008°21’44.8”




Furka pass east side

This is the Furka Pass on the eastern side in canton of Uri. We are at the end of a real orgy of serpentines and curves and are just a bit above of Realp and looking up to the pass. On this side of the pass the road is not in so good conditions and you look just directly down into the open canyon WITHOUT any guardrails. The small stone pillars are too far apart to stop a motorbike driver in sliding down. We therefore ride the Furkapass  if possible up from Andermatt. Then you ride on the hillside. This is much mor comfortable.

N46°33’41.2” E008°21’44.8”


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