March 3rd 2013






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Fischen (D) - Hittisau (CH)

14 km

N 47°26´21”    E 010°10´31”



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Riedbergpass Passhöhe

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Kempten, Sonthofen, Mittelberg - dead end. Here the road ends in the Allgaeuer Alps. However there are two very beautiful ways out. One leads toward the east across Bad Hindelang (whereby the word “Bad” means in German language “Bath” and applies to villages that have a huge resort and wellness character) and the Joch pass road, the other way leads us through the village Fischen across the Riedberg pass over to the Bregenzerwald valley. We look for the entrance to the pass road in Fischen and find it by accident after a traffic light at a gas station. The road sign says Balderschwang and Obermeiselstein. We follow the road through the suburbs of Fischeln and enter the pass road beside a beautiful timber bridge through a tunnel. No center line on the road, but a pass road with thousands of curves.

We follow the partial difficult to ride narrow road up through the forest, where we reach the pass summit. A parking lot, a pass summit sign and that’s it? But stop, a few yards behind the summit a small road exits to the right to a little mountain place called Grasgehren. Here you can find a typical Allgaeuer mountain hotel with a cable car station and I was told that every October a mega biker-meeting with beer-fest takes place. More details about that can be found in the below listed links.

We continue following the descending Riedberg pass road, some curves, much forest, just before we reach Balderschwang, the valley opens and the road becomes again broader. We are still in Germany, but closely following the Austrian border, which we reach however after a view miles on a small bridge.

In the village Hittisau we finally hit the main road from Oberstaufen. From here you may choose two routes to continue your trip - right hand to the lake of Constance, or to the left into the valley of the Bregenzerach, over to the Lech valley, or like we did this today – going up the Bregenzerach valley to the village Au and then across the Furkajoch pass to the Rhine valley, then through Bludenz up on the Silvretta High Alps road.

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