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March 3rd 2013





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Picture Collection Riedbergpass

Panorama view of Mittelalpe



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Riedberg pass just after the village Fischen

If you leave the village Fischen toward Balderschwang and you have passed the suburbans, you will automaticaly pass this wodden bridge on the right hand side and the tunnel on the left. This is the entry into the Riedberg pass road.

N 47°26´46”  E 010°14´00”





We have already left the curvy pass road and its summit behind us and stopped here just at the beginning of the village Balderschwang, riding westward down to Austria, Bregenzerwald and the village Hittisau.

N 47°27´57”  E 010°06´21”




Border between Germany and Austria

About 3 miles after the village Balderschwand toward West, we cross a very small river and a bridge, that is the border between Germany and Austria. But since we all are now in the European Union, there is no border post anymore. You just notice the change of the design of the street signs.

N 47°27´32”  E 010°04´10”





End of village Hittisau. We have left that small village already and are now on the main road between Oberstaufen and Dornbirn.

N 47°27´27”  E 009°56´36”


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