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Namloser Tal




March 3rd 2013





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Picture Collection Namloser Tal

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near Bichlbach

We have left the main stream of tourists with all their campers, cars and busses sneaking across the Fernpass from North to South in the small village Bichlbach and stopped here at the first plateau toward Kelmer saddle and Namloser valley. We look back toward West to the Lech river valley.

N 47°24´29”  E 010°44´20”




the village Namlos

Well, that’s the well known aplause curve just near the small village Namlos. You may notice the village in the background of the picture. We are sitting here in the green meadow and “audit” the curve driving quality of the other motorbike riders coming down the valley.

N 47°21´10”  E 010°39´27”




Kelmer Saddle

Just a view miles passed the Kelmer saddle and the village Kelmen, the pass road swings in wide curves up to the summit through a little plateau canyon. We look back toward North. The Lech valley is located left of us, the Fernpass on the right hand side

N 47°22´57”  E 010°42´49”




Namloser valley

And then endless curves. The eastside after the village Namlos and toward the Lech valley offers never ending curves, especially tailored for motorbike enthusiasts. We look toward East into the Lech river valley.

N 47°22´10”  E 010°37´09”


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