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March 3rd 2013






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Namloser Tal - Kelmer Sattel

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Bichlbach - Stanzach

27 km

N 47°22´35”    E 010°42´18”



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The Lechtaler Alps offer for sure very beautiful alpine passes with the Hahntennjoch pass and the Flexen pass, but none of them can reach the beauty of the Kelmer saddle or better well-known as Namloser valley. The entrance to that valley is best from the village Reutte, following the Fernpass road until you reach the village Bichlbach. Traffic over the Fernpass road just rushes around that small somewhat off site located village and if you don’t watch out, you  have missed the exit.

And directly behind that village, we enter the pass road. A close valley opens slowly and releases the view on to wooded mountain heights. The road surface is excellent, traffic – except of a few motorbike riders - close to zero. Passing feasting horses and small villages this very beautiful road winds up the valley, always following the left valley side. Short after a steep turn we reach the village Namlos (means translated ”without a name”). Here it is worth to take a break and to watch the other motorbike riders taking exactly this curve. Another alternative is to plan a lunch break in one of the village guesthouses.

After the village the road always leads us inside a forest and in very close curves at the left side of valley. This curve rocking appears to be endless and your whole body enters into a driving ”flow”. Now, what is a ”flow”. A flow is the smooth synchronization between motorcycle, man and curve. The machine swings without twitches evenly from left to right curve and you feel only the force of gravity, when you are pressed into the seat. Here the road makers did really a terrific job. No curve narrows down, every curve is better than the other.

After so much curve rocking you wake up before the Lech valley is reached. We look down to Stanzach, a nice old Austrian village in the Lech valley and think of taking that road again back to feel the same ”flow” in the body. From Stanzach it is recommended to go left up the Lech valley towards the Hahntennjoch pass, or the Lech valley further up to the Flexen pass, Hochtannberg

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