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Hochtannberg Pass

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Warth - Schoppernau

20 km

N 47°16´10”    E 010°07´49”



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Hochtannbergpass Panorama Passhöhe

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You can reach the Hochtannberg pass from Lake of Constance and the town Bregenz by just always following the Bregenzerach river eastward or from the Lech valley from Reutte toward southwest through Warth. Located in the province Vorarlberg, this pass road connects the Bregenzerwald with the Lech valley. We describe the Hochtannberg pass road when you take it from the Bregenz side, since we normally stay overnight with Manfred in the guesthouse Alpenrose at Kaltenbrunnen above the small village Egg at 3,200ft. above sea-level.

The actual pass road begins in the small village Au, where the ways separate right hand to the Furkajoch pass and Faschinajoch pass and straight up to the Hochtannberg pass. We follow the valley and the Bregenzerach river, which dabbles today very quiet and calm. That was completely different in September 2005. By rainfalls that lasted weeks the river had developed to a rapid large river and the village Au was terribly destroyed. Even the main street in the village had been completely washed away on a length of 1,000ft.

The L200 also well known as Bregenzerwald road follows the valley that becomes more and more narrow to the west until we reach the village Schroecken. The road is only interrupted from time to time by an avalanche shelter. From the village Schroecken on, the road increasingly gains altitude and with several zigzags and daring bridge constructions we reach after 5km/3.1mls a treeless green plateau, the pass summit. Two parking lots, a cable car elevator station, some buildings and that’s it. the pass summit sign is located exactly between the two parking lots and if you don’t watch out, you have passed it.

On the west side of the pass summit, the road runs well developed and briskly downhill, only interrupted by one massive avalanche shelter. The village Warth is reached after additional 5km/3.1mls. From Warth on, if you follow the road straight away, it continues through the Lech valley, to the Hahntennjoch pass, Gampenjoch pass, Namloser valley and Fernpass road and if you take a right in Warth, you will be able to ride across the Flexen pass to the Arlberg pass. Since this pass is an important connection between the Bregenzerwald valley and the Lech valley, the road is relatively good designed and the road surface is in outstanding condition.

Because of the fact that this road is frequently used by motorbike riders, you have to take care of  occasional radar controls by the local Gendarmerie (police). In the villages you really should slow down and not only because the radar, but because of the people crossing roads without looking. And you must know – the village ends behind the village sign, not a meter before. That’s the place where the police does the measure – and that’s damned expensive.

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