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June - October


Elmen - Imst

30 km

N 47°17´16”    E 010°39´48”



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Hahntennjoch Passhöhe Panoramabild

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The Hahntennjoch pass road connects the Inn valley starting in the village Imst with the Lech valley and hits the B198 road in the Lech valley just 2 miles before the small village Elmen and then follows parallel the Lech river. The Hahntennjoch does not rank with its moderate 1.884m/6,181ft. above sea-level among the challenging pass roads, however this pass road does offer some dangerous surprises which should not be underestimated. The pass road is extremely endangered by so called Muren. Muren are stone and mudslides, which go off in the mountains with strong rain and thunderstorms. Large warning signs refer to these dangers and on the left and right side of the road, gravel waste piled up talks about past slides and give an idea of which forces of nature is able.

On the Inn valley side the pass road runs in very close turns runs along the cliff. The road is very narrow and in the summer season there are enough crazy motorbike riders that try to pass by in the most dangerous situations. The accident frequency is accordingly high. In addition the Hahntennjoch is the ideal transit from Germany to South Tyrol, particularly as you can avoid to travel across the overcrowded Fernpass road.

Despite these circumstances the Hahntennjoch is one of our favorites if we plan to go across the Gaichtpass and continue swinging over the Timmelsjoch pass road down to South Tyrol. Already beginning in the village Elmen from the Inn valley the pass road is molded along the cliffs, only interrupted by several tunnels until we reach a location called Boden, where we take a left uphill to Pfafflar and the summit. The village Pfafflar itself consists only of a few small houses and hay barns, whereby it has on the left hand side of the road of a small cosy guesthouse with beer garden (Biker very welcome).

The pass summit is only a small crest, without souvenir shops, without restaurants and when you have passed the cattle grid the road follows the right valley side in very close turns down to the village Imst. The road then dives after approx. 7km/4.4mls into a dark forest and swings in some zigzags down to Imst.

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