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Nesselwängel - Weißenbach

8 km

N 47°27´10”    E 010°37´29”



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Gaichtpass Panorama

The above shown panorama picture can be loaded as a self rotating picture file by clicking on it

If you follow the B310 road coming from the motorway A7, via the exit Oy-Mittelberg, through the villages Unterjoch and Oberjoch, you should not follow the road down to Bad Hindelang and the Jochpass road, but turn left towards the Gaichtpass road, that gives you a perfect entry point down into the Lech valley and Austria. Many motorbike travelers use that route as alternative to the Fernpass to escape the heavy traffic on that transit road. If you then follow the Lech valley upward after you have crossed the Gaichtpass, you can use the Hahntennjoch pass road as a fast and beautiful connection over to the village Imst, located in the Inn valley and then ride through the Ötztal valley and across the Timmelsjoch pass road down to Meran and South Tyrol.

The entire pass road over to the Lech valley is within 8km relatively short and many motorbike travelers miss the original pass summit, since the new bridge shortcuts that piece. The panorama picture on this page shows still the old pass road and the old summit with the original guesthouse and the old road, leading along the rock wall. The section between Oberjoch and the Gaichtpass is from a countryside perspective brilliant, even great, since the way leads through the Tannheimer valley past the Haldensee lake, which is placed in the valley like painted in blue and is reflecting the surrounding mountains like a mirror.

Gaichtpass, old pass summit with guesthouseAfter a short trip you reach the mountain village Nesselwängle, which sits pictorial at the feet of the Tannheimer mountains. The road is very broad and has no zigzags on this northern side of the pass.

At the top of the pass you will find a small parking lot on the right with a good view down to the Lech valley. Exactly opposite this parking lot on the other side of the road, the old pass road leads inside into the ravine and the old pass summit guesthouse. You may purchase home distilled Tyrol Fruit Schnapps (liquor).

The south side of the Gaichtpass leads in several zigzags very close to the rock down to the village Weissenbach. The roundabout at the end of the village leads to the left to Reutte and on to the right up the Lech valley,  Namloser valley, Hahntennjoch pass, Warth, Flexenpass, Hochtannbergpass or  Bregenzerach valley and Furkajoch pass. Plenty of choices to continue the trip.

If you turn to left at this roundabout toward Reutte, then don’t make the mistake and follow the main route, but leave that overcrowded main route just a couple of hundred meters behind that roundabout to the right, cross the Lech river and cruise totally relaxed on empty roads through an outstanding Lech river valley down to Reutte.

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