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March 3rd 2013





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Picture Collection Furkajoch

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Bregenzerach valley

The Bregenzerach river runs directly parallel the L200 road between Mellau and Au-Schoppernau. This road connects Dornbirn with Warth and leads over to the Lechtal valley. In 2005, after heavy rainfalls, still portions of the road were not replaced after they were washed away and many other side roads were still colsed.

N 47°20´55”  E 009°56´43”





Au- Schoppernau. We have left the L200 already and drove across the Bregenzerach bridge. If you look to the white wall of that farm house, you may imagine the hight of the mud wave during these rain falls. The trees you still see laying around, have been left by the flood.

N 47°19´23”  E 009°58´34”




view back to  Bregenzerach valley

We are about 4mls above Au-Schoppernau on our way up to Damuls. We look back into the Bregenzerach valley. In the background you see the 2.090m/6,857ft Diedamskopf mountain.

N 47°18´57”  E 009°57´16”





Half way to Damuls. The road itself is in a very good condition except some small areas that are really dangerous. Nevertheless, it’s fun to ride that rooad.

N 47°17´14”  E 009°55´01”




Furkajoch, view toward the Faschinajoch

Approximately 2.000m before you reach Damuls, this view across the valley opens up and you can see the avalanche tunnel on the other side that leads up to the Faschinajoch. The Faschinajoch is located in the left section of the picture and you may see the buildings at the summit.

N 47°17´03”  E 009°54´14”




Furkajoch, view toward pass summit

About 3mls outside Damuls on the way up to the Furkajoch pass summit. You may see it already just in the background of the middle section.

N 47°16´27”  E 009°50´04”


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