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Damüls - Rankweil

28 km 

N 47°16´0”    E 009°49´56”



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Furkajoch Panorama Passhöhe

The above shown panorama picture can be loaded as a self rotating picture file by clicking on it.

If you are on the L200 from Hochtannberg pass and the Lechtal valley, or you drive up from Dornbirn through the beautiful Bregenzerach valley, you may use the turnoff in the small village Au toward Damuls. On this road both, the Furkajoch pass and the Faschinajoch pass can be reached. We cross the Bregenzerach, that has washed away in late summer 2005 after heavy rainfalls nearly half of the village and major parts of the L200 road and covered the whole area with several meters of mud. Details of that disaster can be seen in the section ”picture collection”.

We leave the village Au westward and drive through green meadows. It is worth to turn the head back into the valley from time to time to enjoy the beautiful view into the Bregenzerwald valley, with the famous Diedamskopf mountain (2.090m), that can be seen directly behind Au. Many curves, some bottlenecks and dangerous road sections remind you for careful driving, particularly since lots of traffic is on that road in the summer time. This pass road connects the valley of the Bregenzerach with the Rhine Valley and the Grosses Walsertal valley.

Approaching the village Damuls, you can see already from a distance the avalanche tunnel which connects Damuls with the Faschinajoch pass summit and the Grosse Walsertal valley. This avalanche tunnel is the major reason for not clearing the Furkajoch pass from snow until June and it is still closed, since there is no problem to go across mountain using the Faschinajoch pass. At village entry, we take a right onto the Furkajoch road, follow the road, crossing a bridge and drive around the village church in the center of that small village up to the Furkajoch. We leave Damuls and the timberline and follow the Furkajoch pass road in wide curves to the pass summit.

The back side of the Furkajoch is much more difficult to drive, and leads the first miles through dark forest, with lots of dangerous sharp curves and zigzags. The road is here in some sections just 4m wide. The road is in that bad condition until you reach the valley and the village Bad Laterns. From here on, the road becomes somewhat broader, whereby also regular bus traffic is using that section of the road as well. Just after the village Innerlaterns the road becomes again wider with two lanes and allows a much better overview. Lots of smaller villages along the road slow down the journey, until Rankweil is finally reached.

The Furkajoch is always worth a journey. Both the east and the west flank have their attractions. From the village Rankweil in the Rhine valley, several tour options can be chosen to continue the actual motorbike tour. Either you ride through Bludenz up to the Bieler hight and Silvretta High Alps Road, or toward Sankt Anton and then use the Flexenpass road to get back into the Lechtal valley, or you ride towards Landeck, where you may turnoff via Galtur up to the Bieler hight.

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