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Warth - Klösterle/Stuben

25 km 

N 47°09´31”    E 010°09´54”



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Flexenpass Panorama Passhöhe

The above shown panorama picture can be loaded as a self rotating picture file by clicking on it.

Located in Vorarlberg county Austria, the Flexenpass connects from north to south the Lechtal valley with the Arlberg mountain. The Lech river has its source west of the Flexenpass road in the region of the famous Braunarl-Spitze mountain (2.649m) and hits the pass road on half distance between the village Warth and the pass summit in a village called Lech. The river then follows in parallel the pass road down to Warth, where it then follows the Lech valley with a right turn, leaving the Hochtannberg pass behind and following that valley towards east down to Reutte. The Flexenpass has its begin in Warth. The entire length of the complete pass road starting in Warth and ending at the point, where the Flexenpass road hits the Arlberg pass road, is just 17km. But beautiful 17km you should not miss.

At the beginning we follow the Lech river uphill on the right side of the valley. The road itself does not gain too much altitude until we reach the village Lech, is narrow, twisty and leads through woody regions. After approximately 6km you reach the village Lech. You should stop, park your motorbike and really stroll a bit through that famous small village, sit down in front of a cafe and enjoy the scenery.
Starting from here the road gains altitude, is much wider and reaches after several smooth curves, avalanche tunnels and in additional 6km the ski resort Zürs. Directly behind the village Zürs you reach the pass summit. Except a parking lot and a small snack bar, the pass summit does not have anything extras.

Some hundred meters behind the pass summit the road disappears in a very old avalanche tunnel, which covers the road almost the rest of the distance to the Arlberg pass exit. The road in that avalanche tunnel is in awful condition and the ceiling of the tunnel made out of old oak wood, is under construction since many years and gets restored by the Austrians Alps traffic department. The traffic is single-lane since long time and is managed with a traffic light system. 15min waiting time is standard. Approximately 500m behind the end of the avalanche tunnel, you reach the exit to the Arlberg pass road.

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