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March 3rd 2013





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Picture Collection Silvretta Hochalpenstrasse

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entry to Montafon valley

If you are coming from the Autobahn A14/E60 using the exit 61 Bludenz/Montafon, or directly from Bludenz by using the old less used L190 road from Feldkirch, you will hit this traffic sign. It’s exactly behind the bridge and informs about the road conditions of the Silvretta High Alps road. When we have taken that picture end of September 2005, we travelled in that region just after the big rainfalls that have washed away several villages and roads in Austria and Switzerland. Therefore on this sign the Silvretta was a one way road, since the road down to Galtur had been washed away by the rain.

N 47°8´9”  E 009°50´11”




toll station in Partenen

When you have passed Montafon valley, you reach the small village Partenen. Short after the village is the toll station to enter the private road. Toll fees can be found on the pass main page of this website and are normally updated every year. Important! Don’t forget for the panorama map and the flyer. Both are part of the package you pay with the toll fee.

N 46°58´2”  E 010°4´8”




view back to Partenen

If you have passed the lower part just after the toll station, the road ends up in a forest and winds up through many curves to that plateau you see on the picture. The picture was taken 4 zikzaks below the Vermunt dam.

N 46°56´40”  E 010°3´35”




view down to Partenen

Same photo position as the picture before, just another viewing angle.

N 46°56´40”  E 010°3´35”




Vermunt storage lake 1.743m

We are standing here at the side of the Vermunt storage lake on the left side seen from Partenen, where the Silvretta High Alps Road passes by. We look back with our camera towards the Vermunt lake dam, Partenen and the Montafon county.

N 46°34´34”  E 008°23´15”




Vermunt storage lake

Same position as the picture before, but turned 180° degrees. Vermunt lake dam in the back with view up to the Silvretta and Bieler hight pass summit.

N 46°34´21”  E 008°24´53”




Bieler Höhe summit, view to Vermunt lake

Just before we reach the summit named Bieler hight (Bielerhöhe), aproximately 600ft towards Partenen after the last parking lot. We look down to the Montafon county. Behind the hill in front of the viewer is the Vermunt lake.

N 46°55´8”  E 010°5´19”




Vermunt lake

3 curves above Vermunt lake, with view down to Vermunt lake and the dam towards Montafon county.

N 46°55´31”  E 010°3´16”




Between Vermunt lake and Bielerhöhe

One curve below the picture above towards Partenen, view turned 180° degrees towards the Silvretta.

N 46°55´25”  E 010°3´13”




Below  Vermunt dam

4 curves below the Vermunt lake dam with view up to the Silvretta. Left of us are the zikzak curves coming up from Montafon.

N 46°56´40”  E 010°3´35”


Just click on the photo to view in enlarged mode!.