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Silvretta High Alps Road

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June - November


Partenen - Galtür

26 km 

N 46°55´5”    E 010°5´42”


16.2 mls

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360° Panorama Bielerhöhe

The above shown panorama picture can be loaded as a self rotating picture file by clicking on it

The ”Blue Silvretta” with its about 70, over three thousand meter high mountains belong to the most well-known glacier mountain regions of the main Alps mountain chain. In 1924 a company named ”Voralberger Illwerke” was founded that had installed over the years the mighty power producing technology with storage lakes, huge dams and mighty water power plants that you will find all the way up the Montafon county. Lots of power lines, pressured water tunnels, dams and lakes form the face of the Silvretta High Alps Road.

Coming up the road from Bludenz, you exit to the right towards Montafon county and follow the little river Ill (ill, which does not mean ”sick” in German language) through the small villages Vandans, Schruns and Sankt Gallenkirch always uphill up to the small mountain village Partenen. From here on you have to pay to continue the travel, since the Silvretta High Alps Road is a private toll road. When you pay your fee, don’t forget to aks for the flyer, since it contains a beautiful panorama map of the whole Silvretta region.

PRICES SUMMER 2009 in Euro



all sort of motorbikes and trikes


bus group tarif


base fee also for empty busses


maximum fee


trucks and motorhomes up to 3,5t


trucks and motorhomes over 3,5t


full season ticket for cars


full season ticket for motorbikes


Here the actual Silvretta High Alps Road begins. After you have paid the toll fee you leave Partenen and enter directly in several curves and serpentines through a wood region uphill. Already after several zigzags the forest ends and you cross a small plateau with a huge waterfall to end up again at the end of that plateau in zigzags that lead you up to the Vermunt storage lake. From here on you are above the forest barrier.

The road passes the Vermunt storage lake and the dam on the left hand side on one level without too man curves, passes the pump station building and then again enters into multiple spacious zigzags up to the Bieler summit, which is the pass summit. Caution is required. Not only that the cows are running  around without been kept in a fence, but they also park their famous Alps pizza (cow shit) mainly in the middle of the road. On the entire Silvretta High Alps Road there is a speed limit of 70 km/h. You should follow that strictly for two reasons. First of all the landscape is enormous and second the speed limit is controlled frequently by the local police called Gendarmerie.

On the Bieler hight, which is the pass road summit a more than grandiose view opens up to the glacier region of the famous Piz Buin mountain at the end of the storage lake. It is worthwhile to plan here a longer break. You may gain a first impression when you load and view the 360° panorama picture file which we have installed on this page. The toll station in Partenen is located at an altitude of 1.051m/3,500ft. The toll station on the other side of the mountain in Galtur on 1.584m/4,500ft. The maximum climb angel of the road is 10%. We leave the Bielerhöhe and follow the Vermuntbach river down into the Paznauntal valley, whereby the road passes several tunnels. About 6 km/4 mls down the road from Bieler hight, you may exit the Silvretta High Alps Road on the left of the road to the Kops storage lake. A small side trip we always recommend.

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