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March 3rd 2013





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Picture Collection Arlbergpass




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view to Arlbergpass from Flexenpass

If you reach the Arlberg from the North via the Flexenpass road, you reach this position on the photo and look to the southwest down to the west ramp of the Arlberg pass road. We still have to go approximately 1/2 mile to hit the Arlberg road just two miles below the pass summit.

N 47°09´02”  E 010°09´56”




exit Flexenpass to Arlbergpass

That’s the entry point into the Arlberg pass road, whereby we still are on the Flexenpass road when we took the picture. Up to the left you will reach Sankt Anton in Tyrol, if you go right you will end up in Bludenz and at Lake of Constance.

N 47°08´21”  E 010°10´23”




Arlbergpass pass summit

Arlbergpass, pass summit. The picture is taken exactly on the border with one foot in Tyrol and the other in Vorarlberg with view to the Northwest towards Lake of Constance, Flexenpass and Bludenz.

N 47°07´48”  E 010°12´38”




Arlbergpass pass summit

Pass summit of Arlbergpass. From the same position taken as above, but rotated counterclockwise by 180 degrees towards Tyrol, St. Anton and Landeck.

N 47°07´48”  E 010°12´38”


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