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Arlberg Pass

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St. Anton - Bludenz

41 km 

N 47°07´48”    E 010°12´38”


25.5 mls

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Arlbergpass Panorama View

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The Arlberg is the main connection between Lake of Constance in Vorarlberg and Innsbruck in Tyrol and has to connect two motorway end pieces with all the entire main traffic between West and East. The motorway (Autobahn) in the West, coming from Lake of Constance ends in Bludenz and continues then with a toll road under the Arlberg mountains through lots of tunnels, continuing in Landeck on the motorway (Autobahn) to Innsbruck. The “old” alpine pass road runs from Bludenz more or less parallel along the motorway across the Arlberg pass.

Coming from Bregenz, the Flexenpass road enters from the left the Arlberg road just a view miles before the road reaches the Arlbergpass summit. The pass summit is very popular and during most time over the year crowded with travelers, served and supported by several hotels that offer good local food. Many motorbike riders prefer the old pass road instead crossing the Arlberg “down under” through the tunnels on the toll road. The Arlberg is the border between Vorlarlberg and Tyrol county in Austria. But the main traffic like trucks and long distance travelers don’t use the old pass road anymore and therefore you may enjoy a very nice swing up the Arlberg in summer.

On the Tyrolian side the old Arlberg road runs through the famous village St. Anton at Arlberg and then follows in many curves the river Rosanne down to Landeck. Aproximately 1.5 miles before you reach Landeck, in a small village named Pians, you may exit to the right onto the famous Silvretta High Alps Road. In Landeck at the first roundabout you can reach the Inn river valley in Switzerland with Sankt Moritz, or ride across the Reschenpass with the sunk church at its pass summit and ride over to the Vinschgau valley in South Tyrol.

The condition of the Arlberg road is excellent. Since this road had to carry all the West to East traffic in the past, before the tunnels were opened, it is a wide road with moderate curves and just fun to ride. Most traffic leaves the pass road approximately 4 miles behind the pass summit on the Tyrolian side and you cruise alone down the beautiful valley until you reach Landeck. But take care. Lot’s of laser speed controls in the villages from the Austrian police should tell you that you follow strictly the speed limits.

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