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February 15th 2013
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Vereina tunnel entry to Alp transit on the side of Klosters

The Vereina car transit train is the absolute highlight of all Alp transits by motorbike. It is usually not perceived as one of the option for motorbike travelers, since they still prefer to cross the mountains across the Flueelapass. This is of course possible without any problems during the summer months, but in the months of April to June its based on the high avalanche risk not always safe all day to ride across the mountain. Then the Fluelapass is usually closed during the day since the sunlight and the additional warm temperature raise the risk of avalanche slopes. Then the pass road is only opened after 18:00. Also in autumn, caused by the pass altitude of the Flueelapass of 2,383m to snow covered roads that make it impossible to ride across the pass by motorbike.

Regardless of the snow conditions you should choose once the underpass of the mountain through the tunnel by train as an adventural experience, since this takes place on an open car train wagon. In contrast to the car transit of the routes through Loetschberg and Furka, where the motorbikes are stored in a closed wagon during tranist, Vereina is on an open wagon. It's always worth the experience and therefore you should plan your tour one day including that highlight. For 20 SFR (summer rate 2013) you will have an outstanding thrilling quick transfer from north to south.

track layout Vereina tunnel transitThe Vereina train track starts in Klosters (1,191m), where it branches off from the existing main line of the Rhaetian Railway. Just in front of the Zugwald tunnel you will approach the loading station Selfranga (1,281 m). Here, at the north portal of the Vereina, you’ll find the car train roll on-off station. The  Vereina tunnel is a single-track line, therefore there is approximately in the middle of the tunnel a fully automated alternative location (intersection Vereina). With a top speed of 100 km/h, the  train runs through the tunnel typically in about 17min. The train schedule gives you a travel time estimated at 19min. Typical Swiss accuracy.

The roll-on and roll-off to and from the Car Train is easy to handle with the bike and therefore does not call for additonal skills from an inexperienced driver. You should simply ensure when on the train, that two bikes park beside each other and you should never choose a position outside the wagon on the coupling transition between two wagons.

Then you roll-on, leave the first gear in, put the bike on the side stand, turn off the engine and remain on your seat, never leaving the bike.

As the train passes through the tunnel with up to 100km/h, it is advisable not to take off the helmet throughout the whole ride and keep the windshield closed. While sitting on the bike, it is possible to hold on to the two side panels by hand. Please keep your gloves on because they will otherwise, if stored in the cockpit, be blown away by the very gusty wind (happened several times to fellow riders). Then you can enjoy this 19min adventure to the fullest, especially when the other train passes by in a rush in the junction in the middle of the mountain. That you must have experienced one time, so you have to tell a good story to your grandchildren. "Riding on an open flat wagon sitting on a motorbike at 100km/h through the tunnel. Where can you find this today? Only in Switzerland.

We regularly choose the Vereintatunnel to commute from Lake of Constance down to South Tyrol. You take the Rheintal autobahn from Lindau passing Bregenz to the direction of Chur, then exit in Landquart up towards Klosters, passing the Vereina tunnel and then on the south side up the Inn valley either taking a right directly across the Ofen Pass, or taking a left down the Inn valley and then across the Reschenpass. The route across the Ofen Pass can then also nicely be extended across the Umbrail pass and Stelvio south ramp. An alternative to the very crowded routes via the Hahntennjoch or the Timmelsjoch.

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