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Umbrail Pass     Giogo di Santa Maria

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Stilfser Höhe - Santa Maria


N 46°32´33”  E 010°26´01”



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Panorama view Umbrailpass

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The Umbrail Pass is located at the most eastern tip of Switzerland, and is as such an access road of Switzerland to the Stelvio pass road. It begins in Santa Maria on 1.375m altitude in Mustair Valley. Coming down from the Ofen Pass, the road branches off to the right in the town center of the small village. The turn is very close between two buildings, and can be easily overlooked. Shortly after leaving the village of Santa Maria the road lane then rises relatively narrow with many curves and serpentines uphill. First through meadows, with a magnificent view over the Val Mustair and then through coniferous forests.

On good 6.600ft, the forest and the solid pavement of the raod ends by a sudden. From here we  continue the trip on a hard packed gravel road, always following the valley section of the Val Muraunxa. This route can be ridden easily with normal street bikes. Caution is only recommended in the curves, as usually the gravel is piled in the middle of the road and on the edge. Several times the little crreek of Muranxina is crossed on flat stone bridges, which are covered with gravel. SInce that valley runs straight in north -  south direction, there’s nearly no wind up here. It's worth while to plan a short brake several times along the course and to listen to the nature up here.

At about 8,200ft altitude, the solid road pavement comes back. From here on you can already see the south ridge of the Stelvio pass. After several very tight serpentines, the Swiss customs station at 8,213ft is reached, which is the pass summit as well. Here you can find along with the Swiss border station, which is nearly all the time not staffed, a small alpine restaurant. Shortly after  the summit, the road then leads into the Stelvio road that comes up from Bormio. Three buildings and a barrier gate mark the Italian border. Sometimes It can happen that an officers does stop you and does want to see your papers. Take a left and then after a few miles you’ll reach the Stelvio pass summit. If you follow the road down to the right, you’ll reach Bormio.

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