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February 15th 2013




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Picture Collection Umbrail Pass

Giogo di Santa Maria

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Santa Maria in Val Mustair valley

Santa Maria in Val Mustair. Exit to the left the Umbrail pass roads leaves the valley towards Umbrailpass and Stelvio.

view down to Val Mustair valley

We have just done two curves through the meadows uphill towards Umbrailpass and  look back to Santa Maria and Val Mustair. Straight in the background you can still see the Ofen Pass.

N 46°36´08”  E 010°25´30”


N 46°35´56”  E 010°25´50”






on the gravel road

We are now on the dirt road, about in the lower third of the Umbrail pass road in the Val Muraunxa. With a FMX650 Supermoto its of course fun riding up here.

view up to the pass summit

This is the same location as the left but the view is  rotated by 180° clockwise. We look up to the pass summit, which is at the  end of the Val Muraunxa.

N 46°34´59”  E 010°26´13”


N 46°34´59”  E 010°26´13”






gravel road above the tree line

Halftime, the exact middle of the Umbrail Pass. There are approx.  still 300m gravel road ahead, ending just behind the bridge. We look through Val Muraunxa up to the pass.

view back to Val Mustair valley

Two more miles further up the road as the previous picture, looking back into the valey  of Muraunxa's Val and Val Mustair which you can spot in the background.

N 46°34´16”  E 010°26´13”


N 46°33´30”  E 010°26´0”






pass summit with Swiss border station

Pass summit of Umbrailpass with the Swiss border station. We look back at Val 's Muraunxa. Exactly behind us, about 3.000m is the Stelvio summit located.

Umbrail Pass pass summit

This makes it official. The  Umbrail pass summit is located on the Swiss side.

N 46°32´29”  E 010°25´59”


N 46°32´29”  E 010°25´59”






Italian border station Umbrailpass

600ft behind the pass summit, you’ll hit the Italian border station. From here the road leads upleft to the Stelvio pass and to the right down to Bormio.

Umbrailpass Italian border station

Looking back at the Italian border station from the Stelvio pass road. The road from the right is the the Umbrail pass road.

N 46°32´23”  E 010°25´59”


N 46°32´07”  E 010°26´16”


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