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San Bernardino




February 15th 2013




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Picture Collection San Bernardino Pass



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Fotos tagged with this label, were taken with the Nikon D300 and stored in XXL format on the server for download.







view to Via Mala canyon
N 46°41´30”  E 009°26´25”

Thusis outskirts overlooking the Via Mala. In front of us the highway across th San Bernardino pass. This picture was taken from the old pass road on  the way to Via Mala.


Via Mala canyon N 46°39´43”  E 009°26´55”

The Via Mala, known from the famous German film  classic with Gerd Froebe. Take your time to descend the many steps down into the narrow canyon, despite the many tourists. The street itself crosses like in the old days very narrow and winding across old stone bridges.










Via Mala canyon N 46°39´43”  E 009°26´55”

Same location as the previous picture taken, but this time looking Rhine upward. The Via Mala in its full glory here as a XXL download.


Rhein valley near Baerenburg N 46°34´00”  E 009°24´03”

On the old pass road near Baerenburg (Bear Castle) and Rofla canyon we continue following up the  wild Rhine that shows a bit of his wildness. Early in the morning you can spot here in the terrain chamois and ibex.






Via Mala canyon

You can reach the Via Mala by leaving the roundabout at the south side of Thusis in a straight line and then by just following the old pass road. After several tunnels, the road leads over a small bridge directly in the Via Mala.  But be careful. Via Mala is very well attended. Especially in summer,  many buses spit out loads of tourists.


Rhine valley near the village Spluegen
N 46°33´35”  E 009°20´28”

This place can be found just before the small village Spluegen if you  follow the old San Bernardino Road. Here, the Rhine has cut into the rock. If you ride too fast, you might miss one of these sights of the  bridge.

N 46°39´46”  E 009°26´55”










Rhine entry into the dam of Sufers

Shortly after the village Sufers the inflow to the reservoir can be found. In the background you see the highway crossing the Rhine.


Tunnel entry north side

The north portal of the San Bernardino tunnel with views of the old pass road towards the village of Hinterrhein.

N 46°33´48”  E 009°21´08”



N 46°31´15”  E 009°11´03”







North ramp view to Rhine valley

North side of the San Bernardino Pass to the end of the first serpentine orgy and the first small valley overlooking the Rhine valley.


North ramp view to pass summit

Same position as the picture on the left, but with a view up to the pass you can see the ventilation towers of the tunnel, which look like futuristic towers in the countryside.

N 46°30´25”  E 009°10´46”



N 46°30´25”  E 009°10´46”






Pass summit with hospice
N 46°29´47”  E 009°10´18”

Unfortunately, the pass is a weather divide between the Upper Rhine valley and the Ticino county. Therefore it can happen that the clouds fly quite low over your head. Here's a look at the hospice in XXL format. The  polarization filter ensures the dramatic mood.


Pass summit with hospice
N 46°29´32”  E 009°10´12”

A few meters further towards Ticino with a view back over the lake to the hospice. This time shot without polarization filter and with the sun.






San Bernardino Passhöhe
N 46°29´46”  E 009°10´15”

On the pass summit there is a motorbike rider meeting point with lots of talks about gasoline. Its worthwhile to take a short walk into the hospice overlying mountain area. This are well-spent 15 minutes. Especially picture taking is best on the east side of the lake to shoot the hospice.


San Bernardino Hospiz
N 46°29´46”  E 009°10´15”

Look north to Upper Rhine. Left the hospice restaurant with its  terraces and a great view of the scurrying bikes that do have the so called “circular tunnel syndrome”. When the sun shines its worth to take a little break in the hospice and a cappucino.










San Bernardino Pass summitN 46°29´46”  E 009°10´15”

Same place, different shooting angle. Shot in 1998 with an analog Nikon F301 as a slide and then scanned.


south ramp N 46°28´56”  E 009°10´24”

South side of the San Bernardino overlooking the Mesocco. You can recognize down in the valley San Bernardino village with the small lake.  XXL format download as desktop background to dream.






Im Mesox between Bellinzona and pass summit
N 46°25´11”  E 009°14´02”

This site is located on the south side, about 900ft behind the last tunnel and is always good for a cloth change. We're still at 3,800ft and have  usually already 25°C. We are already in Mesox county and behind us, the valley opens down to Lago Maggiore.


south ramp view down to Mesocco county
N 46°24´58”  E 009°13´41”

Leaving the highway at Pian San Giacomo exit onto the old pass road, just shot this  photo in the Mesocco. Good to see is the highway which winds up from  Bellinzona.

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