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February 15th 2013




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Picture Collection Reschenpass

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Martina border station

The small town of Martina in the Inn Valley. Swiss border station. Inn downstream you ride through "no man's land" between Switzerland and Austria along the Inn river to the border of Austria and the entry into the Reschenpass road coming up from of Landeck.


avalnge gallery Reschenpass

This shot was taken from the Inn valley from the opposite side of the road between  Martina and Landeck. Good to see the avalanche galleries of the Reschenpass road.

N 46°53´02”  E 010°27´48”



N 46°56´33”  E 010°29´52”







view over to the Reschenpass road

Same location as the previous picture. The Reschenpass road runs on the other side of the valley nestled on the cliff from left to right just above the tree tops visible with the avalanche galleries.


Reschenpass North side

We are here just for the first miles on the Reschenpass road and look  back towards Landeck. Bottom left is the Inn Valley and the road we just drove on in the pictures before.

N 46°56´33”  E 010°29´52”



N 46°56´03”  E 010°29´30”







Reschenpass North side

Shortly before the Hochfinstermuentz tunnel which is in our backs. We are already on 1.124m altitude and look back in the direction of Landeck.


Reschenpass north side Fort Nauders

The Fort of Nauders just before the pass road leaves the rock cut and reached the plateau. We look back to the Inn valley and Landeck.

N 46°55´33”  E 010°29´29”



N 46°54´25”  E 010°29´44”


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