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February 15th 2013
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Passo di Foscagno

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Livigno - Bormio


N 46°29´42”    E 010°12´31”



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Passo di Foscagno, Pass summit

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The Passo di Foscagno is recommended in a tour combination with the Forcola di Livigno. The best way is to enter the Valley of Livigno over the Forcola di Livigno and leav it by the Passo di Foscagno. Take a quick shopping stop in Livigno, refuel on the outskirts when leaving into direction of Passo di Foscagno with cheap premium gas and then ride uphill through a small pinegrove in big wide serpentines. Since this location ist one of the main shopping paradises the pass will be kept open if possible throughout the year.

Hotel Posta in BormioLeaving Livigno the road climbs with slight curves on the south side of the valley of Livigno. Just before the road leads to the right over the hill and then again does run downhill, you’ll find a parking lot to the right. From here you will have a fantastic view across the whole valley of Livigno. But watch out in the summer, especially in August. This is holiday season in Italy and nearly every Italian father can be found with his whole family somewhere aside the road for a barbecue or walking on the road with slippers. After a short ride of approx 2mls, another ridge crosses and it goes downhill again.Far far away in the haze of the valley section you can spot the pass summit, while the road does loose altitude when following the right side of the valley. Just before you reach the the Italian border post the pass road rises again gently through several serpentines.

The Passo di Foscagno is unspectacular ,the pass road itself really not thrilling. Some avalanche galleries on the way do require increased attention, but that’s it. Also the small villages that are crossed on the way up to the pass summit are not difficult to oversee.

Reaching at the top of the Passo di Foscano the Italian border, youusually will always end up in a traffic jam line, since the guards do control very accurate what the travelers have made on bargains in the tax-free zone of Livigno. Overtaking the queue is not worth, because this act is usually punished by the border guards with contempt. Then the motorcycle rider has to queue back at the old place in the queue again.

On the Italian side of the road is usuallly in an excellent condition and leads through countless small villages down to Italy, where we feel the temperature raising with each degraded meter. Just before we reach the town of Bormio the traffic is becoming more and more hectic. Here the motorbike traveler has the option either to turn left up to the Stelvio Pass road, or pass through Bormio and take a left in after Bormio center up to the Passo di Gavia road.

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