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February 15th 2013




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Picture Collection Ofenpass - Pass dal Fuorn

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Ofenpass West side

Riding up from the village Zernez, we follow the Val dal Spoel southeast through the Swiss National Park. High mountains, good visibility, and from time to time we dive into a small wood.
Gravel and stones on the road lead in most cases to punctures, like it hit one of our rider fellows during the last trip.

N 46°41´09”  E 010°08´50”




Ofenpass West side

The Ofen Pass road is in excellent conditions, wide and the scenery here reminds me always to Canada and the lake district. On the picture we are just 1/2ml before we reach the tunnel that leads into the Valley of Livigno..

N 46°39´41”  E 010°10´18”




entry of the tunnel to Livigno Valley

This is the turnoff to the Livigno Valley. The road enters into a one way traffic light controlled toll tunnel. Livigno is a duty free zone. A liter premium petrol was 1.35 Euro in 2012. It is also the border station between Switzerland and Italy, but in most cases you are only checked after the end of the tunnel on the Italian side, when entering Livigno Valley.

N 46°39´14”  E 010°11´22”




border station to  Livigno tax-free area

This picture was taken at the same position as the photo above, but this time in the direction of the photographer. On the right side of the picture you see the Swiss border station and we are looking into the direction of the Ofen Pass road and the Swiss National Park.

N 46°39´14”  E 010°11´22”




Val Müstair valley

This is the south-eastern side of the Ofen Pass. We are located in the Val Muestair, also called Munstertal. In the background you can see Santa Maria and the driveway to the UmbrailPass.

N 46°36´09”  E 010°23´34”




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