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Ofenpass - Pass dal Fuorn

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Santa Maria - Zernez


N 46°38´24”    E 010°17´34”



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Ofenpass, Pass summit

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The Ofen Pass, also known as the Pass dal Fuorn is located in the most eastern corner of Switzerland. It starts in Zernez at 1,473m altitude, on the border between Upper and Lower Engadine county. Zernez is located beside the young river Inn and if you follow the road parallel down the river Inn valley, you’ll reach just a few miles down the small village of Susch, the entry and exit of the Fluela Pass road over to Davos. Leaving Zernez south, following the river Inn upstream, you’ll soon reach Sankt Moritz. Further on towards northeast, following again downstream the river Inn valley, passing the entry of the Fluela Pass you’ll reach the Vereina railway tunnel for the car transit by train. This connection offers a direct link through the mountain over to Davos and Klosters, especially when the pass is still closed due to avalanche alarm

Ofenpass Pass summitThe Ofen Pass itself leaves Zernez to the southeast and enters into beautiful curved zigzags up through the Swiss National Park. Light flooded forests await the motorbike traveler while following the pass road upstream on the left side of the valley. But you never should leave Zernez before you have not eaten some of the local specialties. For this you really should not miss the Inn at Platz 118, which you will find easily when entering the Ofen Pass road in Zernez on the left hand side. Please try the Capuns or Maluns or a so called Swiss Roesti (special hash browns).

After about 15 minutes on the Ofen Pass road and approx. after 12km ride you’ll reach the tunnel entrance to the Valley of Livigno. At this point you can take a right through the tunnel and continue your trip through the Valley of Livigno, further on to the Passo Stelvio, Passo di Foscagno or the Forcola Livigno and then further on to the Bernina Pass or down to the Puschlav county or further on to Bolzano. We think these are plenty of good alternatives.

If you follow the route straight on, Tte road from here further uphill is gorgeous, since it continues for the most part through conifer woods and wilderness, until you reach the pass summit. Take care, since you ride through the Parco Natiunal Swizzera, the National Park of Switzerland and no, there is no entry post, just ride on but take care of brown bears.

When you have reached the top of the pass, the view opens up towards south-east, the panorama of the Ortler mountain (3.908m) located behind Passo di Stelvio. On the Pass summit itself, a small hump, you’ll find a hotel with a restaurant and a little further on several souvenir shops. We usually do a brake here, before we continue down to the Valley of Muestair and take a good Italian coffee from the souvenir shop or have lunch in the hotels restaurant which does offer good local specialities. And again, in Switzerland you can always choose a Swiss Roesti (hash brown) with ham and mushrooms. Also it’s worth to take a short detour behind the hotel following the little path, because after a few hundred meters you will have a completely unobstructed view of the Val Muestair the big Orter mountain as background.

Leaving the pass summit, the road follows quickly through several broad serpentines downhill through a small coniferous forest. The valley in this section is very wide and there is nearly unlimited view. You will ride through some small villages on the way down to Muestair and we strongly recommend that you strictly follow the speed limits. The local police is often hidden behind houses with a radar gun and Swiss tickets are damned expensive. Shortly after this you will have reacvhed the Val Muestair and the village with the same name. Shortly before you reach Muestair, which is well known of its very old monastery, the Ofen Pass ends in Santa Maria.

In Santa Maria you will then have several options to continue the travel. Straight on over to the Reschenpass, Muestair and further on to South Tyrol, or you take a right in Santa Maria right up to the Stelvio Pass and Umbrail Pass. The route over the Umbrail Pass to Bormio makes a round trip possible back through the Livigno Valley to the entry of the Ofen Pass in Zernez. The Ofen Pass is a main traffic connection from Val Muestair over to the Inn Valley and therefore, when possible, held open throughout the whole year. Therefore, if you plan to cross the Alps early in the year from the north, the Rhine Valley in Landquart, then you enter in Klosters the Vereina train car pickup tunnel and continue via the Ofen Pass to South Tyrol. This is a very comfortable alternative to Brenner Pass and Reschenpass when doing north-south crossing of the Alps.

The Swiss NationalparkThe Swiss National Park
is with its 169 sqkm the largest protected area of Switzerland and the only national park.
It is based on the the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), a nature reservation for category I (highest level of protection / "Wildernessarea")

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