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Region 5 - East Switzerland with Engadine and Grisons


overview map of Region 5Grisons region is geographically the largest canton in Switzerland and an absolute scenic highlight. Whether in the lower Rhine valley with its Grand Canyon, the upper Rhine valley, the Rhaetian Alps, nowhere the contrasts are so nice and beautiful to see. If it we have rainfall in Domleschg county near the village Thusis, no problem, just ride across the ridge of Rhaetian Alps over down into the province Ticino or Engadine and you will have the best sun shines.

There is no region that has to offer so many beautiful passes in a heap, which are lined up as pearls on a pearl necklace crisscross over the Alps main massif. This is why the area carries the name - the land of thousands valleys and lakes.

The region begins on the right hand side with the Reschen pass that offers beside the fact to be the lowest crossing of the Alps only a lake with a sunken church. Then it reaches over the territory of the valley of Livigno, over the Engadine and Grisons with Chur as the capital. We have deliberately not laid out the little prick roads and trails on the map. These you will find only when you deal with the general map (Generalkarte) with its scale of 1:200,000 in the evening. We travel in this area now for over 30 years and still find more absolute highlights. Or do you know how to get through the one-way road tunnel up to the Zerveila storage lake? Have you ever been in Juf? The highest, permanently inhabited village in the Alps. Or have you ever been in the hot springs located in Andeer and watch the sun go down in the outdoor pool at the San Bernardino? Or do you know the Lago di Lei, where you ride through a tunnel which passes under the state border from Switzerland into Italy to Lago di Lei the biggest storage lake in Switzerland, or .......


Berggasthaus Beverin

Hostel with 30 bedrooms with single-, double and multiple beds. Bathroom on the floor. Rustic old mountain house. Garage for motorbikes. Host rides motorbike himself. Located at Glaspass at 1.850m / 6.070ft above sea level.

room charge incl. breakfast starting from
47,- SFR

CH-7428 Glas/Tschappina

GPS N46°40’39” E009°20’47”


Hotel Albula & Julier

80 modern rooms with bathroom, phone, SAT-TV, parking garage. Higher quality rooms, touring tips. Located at the entry of Julier- and Albula pass.

bedroom with breakfast starting at 65,- SFR, half course at 78,- SFR

CH-7450 Tiefencastel

GPS N46°39’44” E009°34’36”


Hotel Piz Ela

25 rooms with bathroom, partially access to a balkony, garage, drying room, tool area. Located at the upper entry of the Albulapass. Direct access to the Rhaetian train (glacier express) and the Albula canyon.

bedroom with breakfast starting at 80,- SFR, half course at 110,- SFR
min. groups of 10

CH-7482 Bergün

GPS N47°37’39” E009°44’46”

Alpine pass name

period opened


from - to

driving time


Albula Pass

July - October


Tiefencastel - La Punt Chamues

45 min


Bernina Pass

the whole year


Pontresina - Poschiavo

40 min


Flüela Pass

June - October


Davos Dorf - Susch

30 min


Forcola di Livigno

June - November


Livigno - Pontresina

40 min


Julier Pass

the whole year


Tiefencastel - Silvaplana

47 min


Maloja Pass

the whole year


Castasegna - Silvaplana

38 min


Ofenpass (Pass dal Fuorn)

the whole year


Santa Maria Val Müstair - Zernez

40 min


Passo di Foscagno

the whole year


Livigno - Isolaccia

34 min



the whole year


Nauders - Malles Venosta

31 min


San Bernardino Pass

May - October


Hinterrhein - San Bernardino

24 min


Splügen Pass

June - November


Splügen - Chiavenna

56 min


Umbrail Pass

June - October


Santa Maria Val Müstair - Bormio

37 min


Vereina Alp Transit

the whole year


Klosters/Selfranga - Sagliains/Lavin

37 min




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