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February 15th 2013




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Picture Collection Berninapass

Panorama View Berninapass summit

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Berninapass summit

Berninapass a little bit below the summit on the North side on the big parking lot in front of the Bernina hospice. We look towards West. You can spot behind us the Lago Bianco and the Piz Cambrena mountain (3.604m)


Berninapass summit

Berninapass, pass summit. We look towards north over to the two buildings of the pass. A motorbike hotel on the left hand side, a little bit spacy and the Bernina Hospice on the right hand side.

N 46°24´40”  E 010°01´17”



N 46°24´38”  E 010°01´31”







Berninapass summit

Berninapass, pass summit. We have rotated the viewing angle by 180° compared to the picture before, towards Southeast and look down into the valley of the Val Poschiavo.


Sankt Moritz

From the Upper Engadina the way up to the Bernina pass leads through Sankt Moritz and Pontresina. This picture was taken when approaching Sankt Moritz which you can see in the background.

N 46°24´38”  E 010°01´31”



N 46°32´20”  E 009°52´28”







Morteratsch glacier

We look directly towards the ice giants Piz Palü and Piz Morteratsch with its glaciers. The small parking lot, from where we have taken this picture can be found just a view miles behind Pontresina.



You can clearly see the light larch trees in the background. This location is directly behind the railway station of the Rhaetian railway with the view towards north.

N 46°35´03”  E 009°51´00”



N 46°35´00”  E 009°50´16”







Berninapass Lago Bianco

This picture was taken on the pass summit. The hospice is just behind us. We look towards west to the Piz Palü mountain.


Berninapass Southern side
N 46°35´03”  E 009°46´51”

South flange of the Bernina pass, just a view yards before we reach the exit to the valley of Livigno.

N 46°34´54”  E 009°50´09”










Winter Impression Bernina

Bernina pass between Christmas and New Year 08/09. We are guest of the Rhaetian railway and look towards the pass road and Sankt Moritz.


Bernina train station summit

Train station of the Rhaetian railway below the Bernina hospice. The temperature up here was minus 26°C and cristal clear air. We look towards Sankt Moritz.

N 46°25´27”  E 009°59´46”



N 46°24´32”  E 010°01´13”







Berninapass in winter time

Bernina pass in direction Sankt Moritz. This picture was taken out of the window of the Rhaetian railway.


Alp Gruem train station

Alp Gruem, next stop of the Rhaetian railway after the pass summit of the Bernina. You can reach this famous place only by hiking or by train. This picture was taken December 31st 2008 around 14:00.

N 46°25´27”  E 009°59´46”



N 46°22´28”  E 010°02´01”


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