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February 15th 2013




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Picture Collection Albulapass

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Albula south flank

From the Upper Engadine the pass road leads through the Val d´Alvra valley. Here we ride up from the south and are just at the beginning of this valley about 2mls in front of the Albula pass summit.


Albula south side

At the upper end of the valley Val d´Alvra you will find a little lake. On this photo we look towards north, where you can spot already the hospice in the background.

N 46°32´20”  E 009°52´28”



N 46°35´03”  E 009°51´00”







Albula summit

This picture was taken at the summit with the hospice in the left lower corner. We look towards east. The mountain that looks a little bit grey is the Piz Uertsch (3.268m).


Albula north side

When you have left the summit towards north, this view opens up. We look into the National park of the Piz Palpuogna (2.730m).

N 46°35´00”  E 009°50´16”



N 46°34´54”  E 009°50´09”







Albula north side

Between the National park and the village Berguen the pass road runs through a dark evergreen forest. In this section the road is always in a very bad condition, narrow and very slippery.


Albula north side

When you ride up from Berguen you will follow the Rhaetian railway all the time until you reach the train station Preda, where the train disapperas in the tunnel over to Sankt Moritz and the Engadine valley.

N 46°35´03”  E 009°46´51”



N 46° 35’ 47”  E 009° 45’ 30”







Albula north ramp

The same location as the picture before, but this time with a Honda Varadero fellow rider.


at Preda train station

This here is about half way up to the summit. On the left hand side you will find the train station of Preda and a little bit left behind us the tunnel of the Raetian railway.

N 46° 35’ 47”  E 009° 45’ 30”



N 46° 35’ 30”  E 009° 46’ 22”








Landwasser bridge with a total length of 390ft, with 6 bridge bows just near the village Filisur. The picture was taken in winter 2008. We are on the way to bob sledge down the Albula pass road.


train station Berguen

Train station of Berguen. In winter time, this is start and finish line for the Albula pass road bob sledge. You speed down and take the train up again.











above Berguen

Here we have just left Berguen train station and are in the first long curve up the mountain.with the Raetian train. This time the “Glacier Express”.


We spend many winter seasons at our summer motorbike tour hostel the famous Berggasthaus Beverin with Willi and Sabine the hosts. We then take the train from Thusis, purchase a bob sledge ticket from the Raetian railway and take the pass road a little bit more sportive than in summer time with the motorbike. Something you should do once in your life.

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