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March 3rd 2013





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Wurzjoch - Passo d’ Erbe

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St. Andrä - St. Martin in Thurn


N 46°40´34”    E 011°49´05”



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Panorama View of Wuerzjoch summit

The above shown panorama picture can be loaded as a self rotating picture file by clicking on it

The Wurzjoch (ital. Passo delle Erbe) connects from west to east, the Eisack valley (ital. Valle Isarco) with the Gader valley (ital. Val Badia). Both valleys are still in the autonomous province of South Tyrol (ital. Alto Adige). The border between the province of Veneto and South Tyrol runs across the summit of the Passo di Valparola, Passo di Campolongo and Pordoi pass.

You can ride up the Wurzjoch either from the village Klausen or from Brixen (ital. Bressanone), where the route up from Klausen (ital.Chiusa) is much nicer but also technically more difficult. We leave the Eisack valley several miles after we have left the village Klausen from the Brennero pass road by taking a right and follow the signs Funes / Villnosstal. The road winds through the very narrow Funes valley to the east and we follow a small river to the village Sankt Peter. Here you normally miss the exit up to the Passo delle Erbe since the sign is a very small brown sign branching off to the right. The same will happen in St. Peter at the Church Square, where the sign can also be missed very easily. At Just in front of the church the road makes an almost 180 degrees to the right through a constriction in the church square covered with cobblestones. After that we ride up through meadows with a nice view back to the valley.

Along the way we have to stop several times and wait until the cars on the narrow road past each other and at about 1.720m we reach the junction where the other road comes up from Bressanone. The road remains narrow only the surface gets better. Cautiously you need to ride uphill, looking south over the surrounding mountain peaks of the Tullen (2.652m) and Peitlerkofel (2.874m). Both mountains can be seen on the panoramic photo, whereby the Peitlerkofel is the peak.

We reach the pass summit , which is dominated by two hotels. Green Pastures, two large parking areas and the bus stop dominate the place. The bus needs to torture up here from the east out of the Val Badia and this is for sure quite a bit of a challenge for the bus driver. At least the road down there is a little bit broader and expands a bit from the small village Untermoi on. In Saint Martin (ital. San Martino) you will reach the end point in the Val Badia. This valley connects the villages of Bruneck in the north with Corvara in the south..

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