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March 3rd 2013




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Picture Collection Wurzjoch, Passo d’ Erbe

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center of the village St. Peter

That is the ramp up to the Wurzjoch from the Eisack valley (Ital. Val d’Isarco) side and we have reached the little village St. Peter. You end up on the market place and need to check out the way until you notice that you have to take the little gap between the church and the house here.

N 46°38´32”  E 011°40´48”




above Monte di Funes

We have left St.Peter and the pass road runs smoothly uphill on the west side of the Wurzjoch, a little bit narrow - so watch out - through green meadows. Only some little woods cross your way uphill.

N 46°39´04”  E 011°42´52”




west side of Wurzjoch

This picture was taken half way between Brixen and the junction where the road coming up from the Villnoss valley come together.

N 46°39´35”  E 011°44´19”




west side of Wurzjoch

Here we have already passed the junction Brixen - Villnoss valley and are already half way up to the pass summit.

N 46°39´35”  E 011°44´40”




a view yards before the summit

Just before we reach the summit. west side of the Passo delle Erbe (Wurzjoch)

N 46°39´53”  E 011°45´40”




Peitler Kofel mountain crest

Summit with view towards Peitler Kofel mountain. This picture was taken in July 2006 with Nikon D70S and a zoom of 300mm.

N 46°39´56”  E 011°46´57”




summit of Wurzjoch

Well, that’s how it looks like in summer time up here. Lots of tourists mainly hikers fill up the parking lots. But remember - you are also a tourist - so just relax or ride in May, June or September, October time frame.

N 46°39´56”  E 011°46´57”


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