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March 3rd 2013





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Passo di Valparola

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Altino - Falzarego


N 46°31´47”    E 011°59´22”



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Panorama view Passo di Valparola summit

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The Passo di Valparola connects the summit of the Passo di Falzarego on the side of the province of Veneto, with the Val Badia, in the province of South Tyrol. Built during World War 1st to supply the combat line at the Falzarego zone with weapons and ammunition, the road today is relatively good built, in excellent conditions easy to ride. We recommend to take the pass from the northwest out of the Val Badia because this will allow you to swing the most beautiful curves uphill. So we start down in the Badia valley in the village Villa Stern, where we take a right in the direction of Cortina d'Ampezzo.

view up to ValparolaLeaving the village Villa Stern the road passes through several small villages and pastures in light curves constantly interrupted by speed limits and roundabouts, passing by some small mountain restaurants with beautiful beer-gardens. Shortly after the last restaurant on the right hand side the pass road disappears in the Val di San Cassiano on a small plateau in dense evergreen forest. From time to time you pass signs pointing to hidden campsites, before the road leads uphill passing the first rock wall of the Tofanen massif to the summit.

We leave the pine forest and a fantastic view opens to the west over to Corvara. If you ride that road in the morning, the sun is in the back and allows a gorgeous view over to the Col di Lana, who has gained bad fame in World War I. ˝ mile before you reach the actual pass summit you will find a small inn on the right hand side in front of the war museum. Even this place shows a little bit high prices, it is worthwhile to plan a short break for lunch and enjoy a good portion spaghetti.

Behind that inn you will find a small pond and from here opens the view up to the actual pass, which still reflects the results of the Dolomite wars. Huge detached fragments of rock, trenches, caves and armored war posts still victim of the bloody and bitter conflict.

When you have reached the summit view extends over to the Passo di Falzarego where this pass road enters the road to Cortina d’Ampezzo in about two kilometers. We recommend to visit the small chapel located right at the end of the Passo di Valparola...or is it already Passo di Falzarego. No matter - it's worth to see (just refer to the picture above). No, this picture was not taken during winter time, but in early September. Overnight it had wrapped up and down to 1.500m the Dolomites where white powdered with snow. However, all pass roads were dry and at the time the picture was taken, we had 18°C.

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