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March 3rd 2013





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Passo di Valles

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Falcade - Paneveggio


N 46°20´18”    E 011°48´09”



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Panorama View Passo Valles

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The Passo Valles is the connection between the Passo di Rolle in Val Travignolo valley and Alleghe as wall as Agordo, whereby on the east side of the pass you have the choice to take a right to divert up to Passo di San Pellegrino. Just behind the Lago di Paneveggio storage lake the pass road to the Passo Valles diverts to the right in the woods from the pass road of the Passo di Rolle and leads through a wooded nature reserve, the national park Parco Naturale Paneveggio. A little wild mountain river follows the road on the right hand side and the park administration has installed plenty of options to take a break in this little paradise for a picnic. Almost behind every curve you can make a stop, walk a few meters in the forest and sit down in a well designed wooden handcrafted sitting area with a wooden table and a magnificent view towards the mountains. It is worth to take a small lunch with you or buy some food down in the valley just to stop by here for half an hour for lunch.

Just before you reach the pass summit, the road leaves the forest and we have reached the timber and after six more serpentines, passing by a mountain pasture with a small restaurant, we reach the pass. A small chapel and a little guesthouse invite you to stay with a fabulous view over to the rocky peaks of the Passo Rolle and east to Monte Civetta.

The pass road on the Northeast side of the Passo Valles again leads through dense forest and can be ridden fairly quickly. Caution should be taken on two locations down the road. That’s where the hotels are located beside the pass road. The pedestrian crossings and the area around the hotels are quite often frequented by hikers. All the way downhill and uphill the pass road is in very good condition. No band-aid repairs but you may meet often hikers and families especially in the peak season from July to August when the area is highly frequented for recreation and picnics.

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