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March 3rd 2013





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Pordoijoch Passo Pordoi



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Canazei - Arabba


N 46°29´15”    E 011°48´44”



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Panorama view Pordoijoch summit

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You will find the Passo di Pordoi exactly on the border between the province South Tyrol and the province Veneto. The Passo di Pordoi is part of the Strata Statale delle Dolomiti, the so-called Great Dolomite Alps Panoramic Road that runs from Bolzano to Cortina d'Ampezzo. The pass has its begin at the western tip of the village Canazei in the Val di Fassa valley and lruns with the first serpentines through a coniferous forest on the same route as the Sella Pass Road. After about 5 kilometers you will reach a junction. Straight ahead you can  continue up to the Paso di Sella, if you take a right in that serpentine and you following up on the SS48, you will eand up at the Pordoijoch (ital. Passo di Pordoi).

cable car up to the  Piz Boé (2.950m)The road winds up the slope, whereby you will get a little insight into the winter sport. Again and again you will pass by wooden bridges or ski-lift ropes the street that offers maximum transport capacity in winter time. On the half-way up the road we reach the timber line and we reach the first major cable-car stations with some adjacent hotels. Now the view is free to the Sella massif, the Marmolada and up to the Passo di Pordoi summit. It's worth stopping here to enjoy that outstanding panoramic view.

Narrow but in often good condition the road leads up to the summit. Don’t be shocked when you reach that place, since it is most of the time totally overcrowded with tourists. A cable car station, several hotels, souvenir shops and street traders are hoping for good sales.

Buses spit out Japanese and Chinese tourists with cameras and you will quickly notice that this here must be the center of the Dolomites tourism. Therefore, our recommendation. If you really need to visit the Dolomites in the month of August, then you need to ride across the Passo di Pordoi before 10:00am. Otherwise, you should choose  the months of June or September for your motorbike tour in the Dolomite Alps.

If you have passed the summit, a magnificent view down to Arabba opens up. You can spot nearly every curve and serpentine downhill . No tree, no bush, everything is flat, prepared for the winter tourism. Several ski-lifts cross the street. In tight, but in good to ride curves you can swing down to the village Arabba. If you take a left here you will reach the Passo di Campolongo and the village Corvara. Going straight around the Col di Lana, you will continue following the Great Dolomite Alps Panoramic Road to the entrance of the Passo di Falzarego or the Passo di Giau.

Around the Col di Lana and Falzarego pass region most of the big battles happened during the Great Dolomites war with most fatalities and killed soldiers. In the course of the war an entire mountain top was blown off. You can still see the results of that madness when you follow the track Arabba, Falzarego, Corvara and Passo di Campolongo.

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