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March 3rd 2013




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Picture Collection Passo di Pordoi

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above the village Canazei

The first possibility to take a first photo stop above the village Canazei is this one and we are lucky that it is not blocked by campers. Reason for low camper appearance in the Dolomite Alps is the month of May when this picture was taken. The road looks wet, but not from rain. It’s the morning fog. Down in the Fassa valley you can spot Canazei. The Passo di Pordoi is in the rear of the photographer.

N 46°28´37”  E 011°46´37”




view towards the Sella massif

Following the road uphill through serpentines you will hit a junction. If you follow that road straight on, you will end up on the summit of the Passo di Sella, taking a right on the Passo di Pordoi.

N 46°29´43”  E 011°47´09”




view to the Sella massif with FMX650 from my son

This picture was taken have way up the pass road to the Passo di Pordoi looking over to the Sella massif.

N 46°28´54”  E 011°47´17”




Pordoijoch west side

Same position as the picture taken above. This location is easy to find and best for action curve photo shooting. It’s just a little bit above the timber line with two big mountain hotels and a parking lot.

N 46°28´54”  E 011°47´17”




view to Sella

This here is about four serpentines before you reach the summit on the west side. The summit is in the rear of the photographer and we look over to the Sella massif.

N 46°29´19”  E 011°48´07”




Pordoijoch summit

Summit of the Passo di Pordoi with view southwards. Sella massif is located on the right hand side, left side, down in the valley the village Arabba.

N 46°29´17”  E 011°48´40”




summit of Pordoijoch, Passo Pordoi

This picture was taken during a motorbike tour in September. It shows the summit on the side of the province Veneto with view up to the Piz Boé mountain. There was snow overnight down to 1.500m. In the shadow the temperature was down at 4°C, in the sun we have had up to 24°C. It just took several minutes and half of the tour crew had a sun burn in the face.

N 46°29´15”  E 011°48´47”




view down to the village Arabba

East flange of the Passo di Pordoi with view towards east. Down in the valley you can spot the village Arabba and the valley with the plateau on the left side of the picture leads over to the Passo di Campolongo and Corvara in Badia valley.

N 46°29´12”  E 011°50´32”


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