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March 3rd 2013





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Passo di Rolle

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Predazzo - Fiera di Primiero


N 46°17´47”    E 011°47´18”



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Panorama View Passo di Rolle

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During the Dolomite war, the Passo di Rolle gained negative fame as the main battle line ran along this mountain chain. Today the region around Passo di Rolle is the home of a gorgeous national park, the Parco Naturale Paneveggio - Pale. Different to the USA, national parks in Europe to not have an entrance or a toll stop. It is open for everybody. The only thing you need to understand is that you must take you waste with you back. Therefore there are no waste baskets installed. The pass runs from south to north through the Val Cismon uphill to the pass summit and then bends to the west, where it dives into the Val Travignolo. Best way to ride the Passo di Rolle is up from the south. We recommend to plan y tour across the Passo di Brocon or Passo Cereda.San Martino di Castrozza

Let's start our tour at the point where the Passo Cereda, coming from the east, hits the pass road of the Passo di Rolle in a village named Fiera di Primiero (722m). Every year I see numerous motorcyclists who ride down from Passo di Rolle and seek the entry into the Passo Cereda. Granted, if don’t watch out real carefully, you will miss it. Here is our advise - the exit has a sign pointing towards Tonadico, Gosaldo and Agordo. The word Passo Cereda is written very small.

Well, but we want to desctibe today the pass road in the opposite direction up northwards from the village Fiera di Primiero. The pass road on this side of the pass is broad and in good conditions and swings through light and endless curves uphill, sometimes interrupted by one or two serpentines. We follow the western side of the small valley Val Cismon mostly through some light forests and meadows. Those who have made that route once will understand why we ride up always from this side of the pass. After about twelve kilometers you will reach the village San Marino di Campiglio.

San Marino di Campiglio (1,444 m) is nowadays a classic tourist destination, but in the past it was the preferred vacation location for famous personalities such as the King of Belgium, the poet Dino Buzzati, Cesare Battisti, who named the Valley of San Martino, the "most arrogant amphitheater of the Dolomitie Alps "and finally Stradivari, who often went into the" String forest "to select the most suitable wood for his instruments. In the past, the Venetians came to this forest to find the best wood for their ships. Today the forests are protected and you can admire the flora and fauna in their integral beauty.

Behind the village San Marino di Campiglio the real magic begins with uncountable curves. In sparse pine forest serpentine by serpentine the road winds up. When you have reached the timber line, the traveler will notice to the left and right side of the road two great mountain chains, in between the mountain road continues winding up to the top. When you have reached the summit it is recommended to ride across the crest and to stop in about 600ft on the right hand side at a cafe for a cappuccino.

From here on you will ride through coniferous forest, through light curves through the National Park. After about six kilometers you will reach a junction. Here, the pass road from the Passo di Vallčs hits the Passo di Role road from the right. This allows the pretty little detour across the Passo di Vallčs and the Passo di San Pellegrino down to the village Moena in the Fassa valley. We follow the pass road further west, past the Lago di Paneveggio down to Predazzo (1.014m) in the Val di Fassa. From here you can go straight to the Lavazčjoc pass and the Passo Manghen or take a right in the direction to Moena and the Great Dolomites Road.

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