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Passo Manghen




March 3rd 2013




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Picture Collection Passo Manghen

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timber hostel at Passo Manghen just before you reach the summit

Riding up from Molina, just two serpentines before you hit the pass summit of Passo di Manghen, you will aproach this little timber hostel with great food, a beer garden and outstanding view into the mountain world. We recommend to park your motorbike and enjoy one of the local specialities like Tyrolean Wurstel. The picture was taken towards North.

N 46°29´16”  E 011°28´38”




summit view westwards

You would find the above timber hostel on the right hand side of that picture which was taken just one serpentine after we have left the cosy place. This is the summit of Passo di Manghen and we look back on the road to Molina.

N 46°27´55”  E 011°32´25”




summit Passo Manghen

This is the summit of Passon Manghen, at 2.047m, less rocks, more meadows, cow shit and warm since we are already on the mediteranian side of the Dolomite Alps.We look back to the same direction as on the other two pictures - towards Molina.

N 46°27´21”  E 011°35´09”


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