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March 3rd 2013





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Passo Manghen

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July - October


Molina - Borgo Valsugana


N 46°10´18”    E 011°26´22”



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Panorama View pass summit Passo Manghen

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Yes, we are still in South Tyrol and the Passo Manghen is located in the southernmost tip of that province. The entry into the Passo Manghen from the north is located near the village Molina. Molina can be reached via three possible routes. The quickest way is via Bolzano and then up to Ora to Val di Femme. Although the route from Ora is great and in good conditions with lots of fun curves, the way from Bolzano to Ora is not so nice and a major transit road with lots of traffic.

The better way we recommend to access the Passo di Manghen is via the Lavazejoch (Italian Passo di Lavazé) up from the Val d'Ega (Eggen valley). This scenic route is a poem, narrow roads and plenty of great curves. You just need to be careful at the end of Lavazejochs in the village Cavalese that you do not take the wrong way. This happens to us even after we have made that tour many times. A best memory hook is that when you hit the roundabout in Cavalese, always exit in the direction Ora toward the N48. Once you have reached the N48 you will find the signs toward Molina. Just take a left to Molina, that will work.

The longest tour to access Passo di Manghen is riding across the Karerpass, Val di Fassa and Val di Fiemme. Not so recommended because main street. Having found the sign to Passo Manghen and here we highly recommend the road map of the Touring Club Italiano "Trentino - Alto Adige" on a scale of 1:200,000 (ISBN 88-365-1737-4), you will end up riding uphill in a little valley, following a narrow road. The road becomes narrower and disappears in a thick pine forest. Steadily uphill with plenty of serpentines the road winds up the hill like a somewhat broader pathway. Caution and watch out since the Italians know every curve and thus who own a Fiat Ciquecento drive like crazy downhill.

Just before you reach the pass summit, the forest ends at the timber line and the pathway, since road is a highway compared to that on which you drive here continues uphill through meadows. You think the road ends here somewhere in a farm barn or in a dairy. But that’s for sure not the case. Just some yards before you hit the summit you will hear loud yodel from a CD and a timber hostel invites you to linger with good local food. After 900ft you then have reached the summit.. From here you can enjoy the view towards the south and the Val di Calamento. The road downhill leads then between pastures and a small grove with many curves down until you reach the village Telve.

Now don’t get lost or confused. From here down in Telve the best way to continue your planned tour is via the Passo di Brocon, so you take a left always in the direction Strigno and Pieve Tesino. Then it will work. You will pass through typical Italian villages, quaint and original, zero tourism. The road surface of the Passo Manghen is usually in excellent condition. Easy to ride except the road through the forest where you may find often wet larch needles that will make it a little bit slippery - and the low flying Italian Fiat Cinquecentos.

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