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March 3rd 2013




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Picture Collection Lavazéjoch, Passo di Lavazé

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road hrough Eggen valley

The motorbike rider (my eldest son) you see here in the picture is riding up through the Eggen valley from Bolzano. This is the Great Dolomite Alps Panoramic Road towards Karerpass in the small village Birchabruck (ital. Ponte Nova) just a view feet in front of the exit up to the Passo di Lavaze.

N 46°25´35”  E 011°28´47”




Exit to the Lavaze Joch leaving Eggen valley

This is the exit to the Lavazéjoch and we have taken that picture towards South into the direction of the pass road that leaves here the Eggen valley in the village Birchabruck.

N 46°25´29”  E 011°28´55”




Lavazejoch Northside

The North side of the Lavazejoch is a very dark evergreen forest. Nearly the whole disance you ride through evergreens along a small river that follows the road nearly all the time. This picture was taken approx. 2mls before we reach the pass summit.

N 46°22´02”  E 011°30´26”




Lavazejoch summit

This is the summit of Passo di Lavaze. The pass sign is about 900 feet to the right back on the road. If you continue to the left side you will reach the Val di Fiemme valley and the small town Cavalese. If you go straight up that dead end road, you will end up on the summit of the Grimm Joch pass, which is located on a plateau between the Weisshorn mountain (White Horn) and the Schwarzhorn mountain (Black Horn). These locations are well known hiking areas and worthwile to take that short ride up that small pass.

N 46°20´25”  E 011°29´05”




Lavazejoch Southside

You still can spot the buildings of the pass summit in the right side of that picture. We just have left the pass towards South about 900ft into direction down to Cavalese and have taken that picture back to where we came from.

N 46°20´05”  E 011°29´00”




exit to Cavalese tothe left

The southern flange leads through evergreen forest as well, but this time not so dense as it was on the northern side. At this point you can ride straight down to Cavalese and the Passo Manghen, or take a left over to the Fassa valley or to the Passo Rolle.

N 46°19´41”  E 011°29´01”


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