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March 3rd 2013





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Lavazéjoch - Passo di Lavazé

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Ponte Nova - Cavalese


N 46°20´53”    E 011°29´26”



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Panorama ViewLavazejoch summit

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You really should know the Eggen valley. It is part of the Great Dolomite Alps Panoramic Road from Bolzano to Cortina d'Ampezzo and offers an extreme entry in to Dolomite landscape. You will lots of good biker hotels, hostels and accommodation possibilities around or down in the Eggen valley (ger. Eggental, tal = valley). Whether in the villages Eggen, Steinegg, Welschenofen or uphill on top of the Karerpass, each house offers nearly everything that you ask for your motorbike tour. Just in the middle of the Eggental, the pass road up to the Lavazéjoch diverts and leaves the valley, if you ride up from Bolzano, on the right hand side and connects with the Val di Fiemme with the Eggental (ital. Val d'Ega). The border between the provinces of South Tyrol and the Veneto runs just over the ridge of the Lavazéjoch (pronounced Lahvazehjoch).

After you have taken a right in the Eggental you will follow a small river that runs aside the road through dense forest through long curves and some very confusing zigzags uphill. The Lavazéjoch is a so called Forest Pass since you never cross the timber line until you reach the summit. The forest, consisting of mostly evergreens, is sometimes so thick that you have the impression you drive at night.

On top of the pass the panoramic view is limited. You will see a small piece of the western Latemar and further to the West you will see the Weisshorn (White Horn) mountain. You can take a small tour up the dead end road to the famous Passo d'Oclini. At the pass summit you will find a small pond and a few hotels with restaurants. We have made the Lavazéjoch already end of March, where we had down in Bolzano moderate 20°C / 68°F, dry roads on the pass and up on the summit –6°C / 21°F and we were able to make a snowball fight.

The road on the south side of the Lavazéjochs sometimes leads through a light forest until you reach after approx. 2mls the junction with the two main directions. If you there take a left you will reach the small town Tesero in the Val di Fassa's and if you continue straight to Cavalese you will gain access to the Passo Manghen. The road that goes straight leaves after a while the forest and end up in small villages with some very narrow cobblestone roads. Real worth to stop here and have a look around or take an Expresso in one of the local cafes. The road condition is as always first class in South Tyrol but needs to be improved on the province Veneto side. When you ride across the summit of the Lavazéjoch ride cautiously because cattles and donkeys are running around up here without limited by a fence and especially the calves do like the running behind motorcycles as a pretty cool sport.

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