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March 3rd 2013





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Grödner Joch Passo di Gardena

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Miramonti - Corvara


N 46°32´59”    E 011°48´28”



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View to the Sellastock from the summit of Grödnerpass

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Located outside of the Great Dolomite Panoramic Road, the SS243 (SS = strada statale, state road) pass road connects via the Grodnerjoch (ital. Passo di Gardena) two important regions, and is part of the well known so called “Sella Ronda” round trip. There is no pass road in that region where you get as close as here to this great massif. Riding that road along the Sella massif, you will find here the classic and worldwide published typical Dolomite Alps landscape. Best way to take this tour is coming down from the Sella pass summit, where you rode up from the South across the summit and then down again passing the Langkofel massif (to your left). Always the Sella massif to your right. Just a view miles downhill, in a small village named Miramonti (3 buildings) you take a right and follow the signs to Passo di Gardena.

Hotel Cir, Val GardenaWhen you have taken that exit to your right, the pass road is slightly winding up with smooth curves and only three serpentines before you reach a small plateau. From here on the mighty Sella massif to your right follows you now along the way. In front of us you see the crest of the Passo di Gardena. In between meadows and grazing cows.

When you have crossed the little plateau, you will then enter again in a series of serpentines uphill to the pass summit. Here you will find the typical Dolomite Alps tourist picture. A hotel with a restaurant, a souvenir shop and a few commercial buildings. The hotel / restaurant has a pretty nice sun terrace heading east with a stunning view across the valley down to the village Corvara. Just ride your bike across the summit, pass by the hotel and park your motorbike beneath the sun terrace, away from the bustling tourist hub and always in the view of your eyes. The you can enjoy relaxed with that fantastic view into the valley and to your bike a big portion of delicious spaghetti carbonara.

The interruption of the journey is worthwhile because the view from the east side  down to Corvara and further over to the Passo di Valparola and Falzarego is unbelievable and cannot be described in words. So do not stop directly on the summit of the Passo di Gardena when you ride up from the Sella or Gardena valley, but continue to the point where the pass road starts descending already down to Corvara.

From here the road leads quite spectacular and with good view in the curves and serpentines smoothly downhill. Just a view serpentines interrupt the flow down to the valley to Corvara. But watch out, there are still some idiots on the road that believe that the Sella Ronda is a race course. They pass by like crazy and only cause dangerous situations. Every time you will catch them again down in Corvara when they either are trapped by the policy or stuck in the traffic.

Corvara itself is a common tourist village built for the winter sport, which presents itself during summer time relatively naked with few hikers. It is different when you visit that region in August. Then Corvara is crowded by Italian travelers and too warm. The main important building is the gas station, which is usually closed at noon and Sundays. Then you only can take gas with credit cards (mostly VISA) or Euro bank notes. If you now take a right, you can continue your tour across the Passo di Campolongo, or you take a left towards Brunico, where you can then take a right again in the village Villa across the Passo di Valparola to enter the classic Dolomite Alps round. The direction to the left is recommended, as the ride over the Passo di Valparola, Passo di Falzarego and the Passo Fedaia represents one of the best rides Dolomites.

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