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Passo di Fedaia

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May - October


Canazei - Caprile


N 46°27´16”    E 011°53´26”



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Panorama Passo di Fedaia

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When you really look for the closest spot to see the famous Marmolada with its glaciers, then you absolutely need to ride the Passo Fedaja. This pass road runs nearly in parallel to the well known Great Dolomite Alps Panoramic Road and the Pordoijoch, starts in Canazei and ends down in Alleghe, nearly exactly in direction West – East. Starting in Canazei the pass road leaves the village westwards. You need to be patient and cruise relaxed since the road passes several roundabouts and tourist traffic hinders your ride until you have reached the small village Alba.

After that village the pass road winds up through a little forest and reaches a small plateau which opens the view to the mighty rock of the Marmolada on the right hand side. Passing that plateau the road takes a left at its end and from now on climbs up the side of the valley in endless serpentines, through avalange shelters and shortly before you reach the summit, through a tunnel that even up to July may have an icy road in it. At the tunnel exit you reach the dam of the pass storage lake with its excellent guesthouse.

Directly at the lake there is a well known motorbiker meeting point. This location at the dam is more recommended than the real pass summit which is just one mile ahead. From the dam on the road follows the storage lake on its left side until you reach the summit of the Passo di Fedaja. The summit has some cable car ski stations, a small guesthouse and some souvenir shops.

From here on the road leads down into the valley with steep serpentines and reaches the base station of the Marmolada glacier cable car. The pass road ends down in the valley in the village Caprile. Just some miles before you reach Caprile you can make a left and follow the sign up to Passo Falzarego. But watch out, the sign is easily to be missed. In Caprile you may enter the Passo Giau, Passo Staulanza or in the South the Passo Cereda. Multiple options to plan your tour. 

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